Councillors and Officers

Parish Clerk

Lyndis Payne 165x220_t

Lyndis Payne

Parish Councillors

Brian Skittrall 165x220_t

Brian Skittrall (Chairman)

Dan Cooke 165x220_t

Dan Cooke (Vice-chairman)

David Brown 165x220_t

David Brown

Margaret Docker 165x220_t

Margaret Docker

Roy Duckles 165x220_t

Roy Duckles

Stephen Foward 165x220_t

Stephen Foward

Brian Gibbins 165x220_t

Brian Gibbins

Michael Pollard 165x220_t

Michael Pollard

Alison Pritchard 165x220_t

Alison Pritchard

Katy Steel_165x220_t

Katy Steel

For Parish Councillors’ register of interests, please see here.

North Northamptonshire Councillors

Jon-Paul Carr_165x220_t

Jon-Paul Carr

Martin Griffiths_165x220_t

Martin Griffiths

Tom Partridge-Underwood_265x220_t

Tom Partridge-Underwood