List of Achievements

Bozeat Parish Council is proud of what has been achieved over the past years and have listed below some of the things that have been either provided or achieved, this list is not exhaustive and will be added to as and when it is appropriate to do so.


Village Events – since 2011 – provided a Christmas Tree and lights on the Village Green.

Village Events – since 2019 – jointly organised a Summer Fete on the Playing Field.

Cemetery – provided updated fees and guidelines to funeral directors and stonemasons, and display copies in the cemetery lodge.

Village Enhancement – annually review and request parking restrictions for areas where parked vehicles create access or safety issues.

Local Community – allows Bozeat Women’s Institute to regularly decorate the Village Green to mark memorable dates such as Easter, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Governance – hold an annual Finance Meeting where all salaries, fees, guidelines, policies etc are reviewed and updated, and the amount required for the next years’ precept is discussed and agreed.

Governance – regularly update and agree a list of representatives and working parties.

Rights of Way – liaise with the Parish Paths Warden to ensure access to rights of way is maintained and occasionally arrange for a right of way to be cleared of overgrowth.


Allotments – introduced the option to offer quarter-sized plots to encourage tenants who may not manage bigger plots to take on an allotment.

Emergency Plan – began work to create a new, updated Plan.


Local Community – the Chairman presented a local resident with a card and flowers to mark their 100th birthday.

Highways – secured thermal pot-hole repairs and micro-asphalting of part of the village to deliver durable road repairs.

Village Enhancement – created wildflower areas where grass was formerly mown regularly.

Village Enhancement – procured benches for use at the Playing Fields.

Cemetery – agreed to extend the Garden of Remembrance on Section C in order to offer additional space for cremated remains.

Cemetery – provided new noticeboards and refreshed the look of the Lodge.

Local Community – provided a grant to the organisers of the Annual Produce Show towards the cost of advertising signs.

Communications – organised a survey of all residents to assess the impact of traffic travelling to and from Santa Pod Raceway.

Communications – organised a survey of all residents to ascertain interest in a village alert system.

Communications – provided a designated Parish mobile phone so that the Parish Council can be contacted when the Clerk is not away.

Governance – adopted a Parish Mobile Phone Policy.

Governance – set up and published a new website to comply with accessibility legislation.

Village Events – took part in the Big Lunch to mark the Coronation of HM King Charles III and HM Queen Camilla [9th May].

Village Events – purchased a PA system to help with announcements at events.

Allotments – provided boot scrapers for both entrances.

IT – set up a new website which complies with accessibility legislation.


Village Events – marked the death of her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II by implementing Operation Lond Bridge [8th September] and publicly reading the Proclamation of the accession of HM King Charles III on the Village Green [10th September].

Cemetery – carried out safety checks on memorials in sections C and D; use of Green Burial Area reviewed to offer additional spaces.

Allotments – provided a new gate at the Allens Hill entrance, and new noticeboards at both entrances.

Village Green – protected the area from unauthorised vehicular access by installing bollards.

Village Green – planted trees as part of HM Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Canopy.

Governance – adopted the Civility and Respect Pledge.

Leisure and Recreation – arranged for a local resident to be trained to inspect playground equipment.


Village Green – bought part of the green from the Borough Council of Wellingborough and submitted a successful claim for adverse possession of the remainder through the Land Registry.

Leisure and Recreation – provided a Multi-Use Games Apparatus and entered into an agreement with Bozeat Playing Field Association to host it.

Street Lighting – upgraded those lights remaining the Parish Council’s responsibility to LED, in order to reduce energy use and costs.

Village Enhancement – took over responsibility for grit bins that were to be removed by Northamptonshire County Council.  bins are located on Allens Hill [near to the Community Church Hall], Easton Lane [between the cemetery entrance and the junction with London Road] and Roberts Street.


Allotments – provided marker slabs to make identifying plots easier.


Leisure and Recreation – provided outdoor gym equipment and an outdoor table tennis table and entered into an agreement with Bozeat Playing Field to host it.


Village Events – took part in Battles Over – a national beacon event to mark 100 years since the end of World War 1.

Governance – adopted GDPR policies and procedures.

Town Well – refurbished to include an area to honour the war dead of Bozeat.

Village Enhancement – took over responsibility for the mowing of grass verges in order to provide a better service.

Public Transport – joined a consortium of parishes in order to set up and run the Village Hopper service to and from Northampton.


Village Green – installed a public noticeboard.

Town Well – obtained legal ownership of the land.

Allotments – offered the option to pay allotment rents online.


Village Green/Events – installed an electricity supply for use at events.

Village Green – provided a flagpole and flags for use on notable public dates/occasions.

Highways – purchased speed monitoring equipment.

Village Enhancement – in partnership with Northamptonshire County Council, installed a lockable bollard on the disused section of highway on Wollaston Road in order to prevent flytipping.

Village Enhancement – provided two planters next to the Village Sign [at the junction of Easton Lane and London Road], and offered annual grants to local individuals/organisations to help take care of them.


BEEs and the Environment – provided dog waste and litter bins at a number of locations around the village.

Leisure and Recreation – provided a skate ramp and entered into an agreement with Bozeat Playing Field Association to host it.

Village Enhancement – provided a defibrillator outside the shops in London Road.

Bozeat Playing Field – took over the grounds maintenance contract instead of paying a set annual grant.

Bozeat Playing Field – took over the maintenance of the equipment in the children’s play area.


Cemetery – obtained land to provide a much-needed car park.


Village Enhancement – provided flower planters for all village approaches and offered an annual grant to individuals/organisations to take care of them.


Village Enhancement – provided a donation to Neighbourhood Watch towards the cost of new signs.


Street Lighting – completed work to upgrade the majority of the street lights in the village and transferred responsibility for them to Northamptonshire County Council.


Cemetery – installed a water butt to collect rainwater run-off and reduce water consumption.

Street Lighting – commenced work to upgrade the majority of the street lights in the village and transferred responsibility for them to Northamptonshire County Council.

Village Enhancement – provided new street nameplates to preserve the historic names of The Flat; Olney Road; Line Prop Yard and The Top.


Allotments – organised an annual meeting of allotment tenants together with the Allotments Manager and members of the Parish Council.


Allotments – provided a water supply which was later extended to several points in the allotments.

Allotments – employed an Allotments Manager to manage the allotments and issue plots to new tenants.


Town Well – refurbished the area and installed an information plinth.


Public Transport – provided a bus shelter for the stop at the junction of London Road and Easton Lane.


Village Enhancement – provided 7 public seats.