Bozeat Parish Council sets its own budget and holds an extra meeting early in January to review all policies, fees, guidelines and salaries.  A detailed account of the funds held in each budget and any anticipated costs are taken into account before the budget for the coming financial year is calculated.  Bozeat Parish Council takes very seriously the impact of their budget on the council tax of local residents.


The precept is the amount of money requested by the Parish Council from North Northants Council to cover expected costs for the coming year.  The amount requested is reflected in the council tax paid by the residents of Bozeat.


Expenditure is monitored and approved by the council on a monthly basis.  It is audited annually by a company nominated as External Auditors by the Audit Commission for Local Councils in England. In addition, an independent Internal Auditor has been appointed to audit the Parish Council accounts and systems before they are sent to the External Auditor.

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