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Adopted August 2018
Reviewed January 2022


Bozeat Parish Council, having regard to the Freedom of Information Act, will aim to provide an interesting and informative website which gives accurate and relevant information relating to its responsibilities and primary functions.


The website will be edited by the Clerk in consultation with the Website Editing Group.

All emails sent to representatives via website links will be copied to the Clerk.  The Clerk will print off any emails received for representatives who do not have access to email.

The Clerk and Website Editing Group will edit content to achieve a consistent look and feel to the site.

Substantive information and any significant changes to pages will be published once approved by the Parish Council.  Routine information, minor updates and amendments, however, may be edited and published without referring back to the council for approval.  Items which may be edited and displayed will include: –

  • diary of meetings
  • agendas for meetings
  • approved minutes
  • approved revisions to fees
  • approved revisions to guidelines
  • reports, once accepted at a meeting
  • lists of roles and responsibilities
  • names of members of the Parish Council
  • contact details for the Clerk, Burial Registrar and Allotments Manager
  • local community information such as forthcoming events
  • statutory notifications such as elections, both local and national, annual audit etc

Links to external websites of relevance to the Parish Council may be created, such as North Northants Council planning information, the Bozeat website, the Street Doctor/Fix My Street site etc.

All members of the Parish Council will be jointly responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the site.  The Spokesperson for each group will take primary responsibility for any content relating to their area of responsibility.  Members of the council will alert members of the Website Editing Group to any errors, omissions or inconsistencies which are discovered.

The Parish Council will review on an annual basis the service provider for the website to ensure the best available service is being used.