Standing Orders

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Adopted January 2020

Reviewed January 2022

  1. The Parish Council will have regard to NALC guidelines on Standing Orders and Chairmanship.
  2. Up to fifteen minutes prior to each Parish Council meeting is allowed for members of the public to address the Councillors, this to be informal but matters raised noted in the minutes.
  3. The Chairman signs all Parish Council letters, or the Vice-Chairman if the Chairman is either not available or unable to sign due to a declared interest. Should both the Chairman and Vice-Chairman not be available or unable to sign due to declared interests, the Clerk shall then be authorised to sign letters [for and on behalf of Bozeat Parish Council] following consultation with at least two other members of the Parish Council.
  4. The Chairman shall serve for a period of up to 3 years, however the Chairman may be invited to serve no more than a further 2 years subject to the unanimous agreement of the full council.
  5. The first Chairman of a new Parish Council should be a re-elected Parish Councillor.
  6. The Chairman pay the cost of his/her name bar for the badge of office out of his/her annual expenses.
  7. Any Councillor due to report back to the Parish Council who is to be absent from the next meeting, should send the Clerk a written report to be read to the meeting.
  8. Planning applications for the construction of new properties must be considered by the whole Parish Council but all other applications may be considered by the Planning Representatives.
  9. Any Councillor representing the Parish Council in a private meeting with members of the public be accompanied by at least one other Councillor.
  10. All lettings of allotment gardens are subject to guidelines that are reviewed annually.
  11. The Cemetery is subject to guidelines that are reviewed annually.
  12. All trivial highway items be reported directly to the County Council through the Street Doctor Scheme and not necessarily brought to meetings of the Parish Council.
  13. All minor amendments to the minutes will be reported to the Clerk no later than three full days before any full meeting of Bozeat Parish Council.
  14. All emails sent on behalf of Bozeat Parish Council will be filed for future reference.
  15. Expenditure up to £100.00 need not be an Agenda item.
  16. The preferred medium for formal communications from the Council to either individuals or organisations is by letter. However, councillors may contact individuals or organisations via electronic mail when it is appropriate, such as when an electronic response is requested, to report issues and to informally seek advice and information. Members of the Council may not make decisions on behalf of the Council unless they have been given delegated powers at a full Council meeting. Any decisions taken by an individual member or group of members under delegated powers must be reported to the Council at the following meeting of the Council.  All electronic mail sent on Council business must be copied to the Clerk to enable a record of Council business to be maintained centrally.  Any Councillor wishing to contact the media about any aspect of the work of the Parish Council should, in the first instance, consult with the Chair or Vice-Chair. A brief list of bullet points outlining the key points should be presented to the reporter or correspondent in order to try and ensure the factual accuracy of the report.  Members of the Council should always make it clear whether or not they are representing the Council’s position on any given issue. However, if the member wishes to express a personal view on an issue s/he should make it clear and state that their comments are not an agreed policy of the Council.
  17. No member of Bozeat Parish Council will be granted access to any documents relating to confidential matters which relate to a period prior to their election as a member of the council, unless Bozeat Parish Council, as a body, decides otherwise.
  18. Meetings of Bozeat Parish Council shall last no longer than two hours unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  19. Any member who wishes a capital project be included on the agenda for a meeting must provide full costs for that project.
  20. Bozeat Parish Council will not take action or acknowledge receipt of any correspondence where the sender, whether an individual or group, cannot be clearly identified and a return address has not been provided.