Risk Assessment Policy

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Adopted prior to 2010
Reviewed January 2022


The Parish Council is committed to health and safety and intends to carry out assessments as determined in the Policy – Risk Appraisal, to ensure the safety or residents, visitors, employees and contractors.

All members of the Parish Council have the responsibility for ensuring any breaches of Health and Safety legislation are dealt with swiftly by reporting the incident either to the Council’s Chairman or to the relevant sub-group.  If any Councillor feels that there has been a breach of the policy, they should make contact immediately.

It is Bozeat Parish Council’s intention so far as it is reasonably practical, to maintain and operate its assets in such a manner as to prevent any dangerous working conditions.

Items requiring emergency action may be determined by the Chairman and Clerk, in the first instance.

Once a risk assessment has been carried out, any areas of concern should be raised with either the full Council at the next available meeting or, if the matter is deemed more urgent, then a meeting should be sought with the Council Chairman and the relevant sub-group.


  1. The list of applicable items and the months of appraisal will be revised annually for adoption at the January Parish Council meeting.
  2. Any area/items that are considered to require professional assessment or inspection will be referred to a meeting of the full Parish Council.
  3. Consideration should be given to the accident book (located in the cemetery lodge) if any accidents/incidents have been recorded and as to whether an investigation needs to take place.

Risk assessment should be carried out for areas using the risk assessment report templates: