Remote and Hybrid Meeting Policy

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Adopted October 2020
Reviewed January 2022

Should Bozeat Parish Council hold a remote or hybrid meeting, the following policy will apply.

It is a legal requirement that all meetings of the parish council are open to the public, who must be able to access the meeting without registering in advance or requesting permission.


  • The access information for all meetings will be made freely available to the public.
  • Access information will be provided to members of the parish council and North Northamptonshire Councillors at least a week prior to the date of the meeting.
  • A member of the council will act as meeting host and manage the meeting, this will not be the Chairman or the Clerk as they have other roles during the meeting.
  • The meeting host will admit members of the council to the meeting before the official start time, members of the public will be admitted after members of the council have been alerted to their presence.
  • If the meeting is being recorded, all attendees will be informed.
  • Where a hybrid meeting is being held, only the Clerk and members of the council who cannot attend remotely will meet in a venue, using separate rooms wherever possible. Members of the public will only be able to attend meetings remotely.
  • If a hybrid meeting is being held, social distancing and all Covid19 safety precautions will be observed by those physically attending.
  • Wherever possible, all attendees will use the video on their device so they can be seen on screen.
  • Members are reminded to dress as they would to attend a physical meeting of the council and to consider the location of their device for the meeting. In particular, members of the council should avoid attending the meeting in a noisy or busy area in order to prevent background noise.
  • Meetings will follow the usual format, with the Chairman leading the meeting.
  • Should a member of the public join the meeting from the start, the usual time allowed for Public Participation will apply. Should a member of the public join the meeting after it has officially started, the host will alert the Chairman that someone is waiting to join. The Chairman will halt the meeting at that point and the person will be admitted to the meeting.  Either the host or the Clerk will welcome the person to the meeting and ask if they have something they wish to bring to the council’s attention.  If they do wish to address the council, this will be treated as Public Participation.  If they are wishing to observe only, they will be advised that they are not able to address the council as the meeting progresses unless the council invites them to do so.
  • All attenders should have their devices on mute unless they wish to speak.
  • A known issue with Zoom is a short time delay which has caused some problems during meetings. In order to avoid speaking over another person, attendees are requested to use the hand raised option, if possible.  The meeting host should alert the Chairman that a person wishes to speak and the Chairman should invite speakers to give their comments in turn.
  • At all times during the meeting respect and courtesy for others shall be observed.