Mobile phone policy

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Bozeat Parish Council will provide a mobile telephone for council business.

The telephone is not to be used for any other purpose except for council business.

The telephone will be kept by the Clerk except when he/she is on annual leave or is unwell, when it will be passed to/collected by the Chairman.  If the Chairman is unable to take custody of the telephone the Vice-Chairman or another, delegated member of the parish council, shall do so.

The number of the telephone will be published as the contact number for Bozeat Parish Council and members of the council, public and other organisations will be encouraged to use it.

The Clerk will keep the telephone switched off, or on “silent” when he/she is not working for the council.

The Clerk will check for any messages left on the telephone when next working for the council and reply/respond, as applicable.

The Clerk will ensure that the telephone is kept charged at all times.

All costs incurred using the telephone will be borne by Bozeat Parish Council, except for unauthorized use [unauthorized use is calls made not relating to the legitimate business of Bozeat Parish Council].

Any costs incurred by unauthorized use will be charged to the person who incurred the cost.


Approved 16th October 2023