Minutes – June 2022

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PRESENT: – Cllrs Skittrall [Chairman]; Brown; Dudley-Smith; Gibbins; Morris and Pollard.


PUBLIC: – No members of the public were present at the meeting.


It was resolved to accept apologies for absence received from Cllrs Cooke; Docker; Duckles; Foward and Pritchard.

  1. Declarations of interest.

Cllr Skittrall declared a pecuniary interest in item 12 [Chairman’s expenses].


The minutes from the meeting of Bozeat Parish Council held on 16th May 2022 were proposed as correct by Cllr Pollard, this was seconded by Cllr Brown and a vote was taken = 5 for with 1 abstention, motion carried.


  1. Matters arising.
  2. Circulating documents – Cllr Morris reported that he has pack 2/2022.
  3. Website migration – the working party is to meet on 27th June to progress this project.
  4. Emergency Plan review – noted that this project is on hold.
  5. Santa Pod – it was resolved to invite representatives to attend the next meeting.
  6. Laptop/software – this is pending.
  7. Training – it was reported that the play equipment inspection training will take place next week. Cllrs Duckles and Morris to consider attending new councillor training.
  8. Community assets [application for the Red Lion to be included on the list] – it was noted that this is being considered by North Northants Council.
  9. Skate ramp resurfacing – it was reported that work to resurface the ramp has been completed, a detailed report is included with the Playing Field Report [Appendix A]. It was agreed to leave the minor repairs to the outside wall until next year as the ramp will require repainting then.  It was further agreed to release the final payment to the contractors.
  10. Audit of local council adopted policies and procedures – noted that this project is on hold.
  11. Parishes Online – following discussion, it was resolved not to take out a subscription with Parishes Online following completion of the Asset Mapping project, the Clerk to create a spreadsheet listing all the assets and land owned by Bozeat Parish Council instead.


  1. Council services.
  2. Cemetery – no general report received. The Clerk reported multiple complaints received regarding goats escaping a neighbouring field and able to get inside the cemetery and footpath.  A letter has been sent to the owner of the animals.
  3. Cemetery – no applications for permission to place memorials or headstones in the cemetery received this month although an inquiry was received.
  4. Cemetery – to receive an update on maintenance works [purchase of noticeboards; war memorial cleaning; tree safety assessments]. It was noted that these are in hand.
  5. Cemetery [purchase of land in order to extend the cemetery] – pending.
  6. Cemetery [extending the Garden of Remembrance on section C] – pending.
  7. Cemetery [memorial inspections] it was noted that inspections are in progress.
  8. Allotments – Cllr Pollard proposed that his report [Appendix A] be accepted and this was agreed. It was noted that the central track had been cut recently.
  9. Allotments – maintenance works [replacement noticeboards; replacement fence] – no progress reported.



Page 2085 – 20th June 2022

Page 2086 – 20th June 2022


  1. Local environment.
  2. Highways – Cllr Skittrall proposed that a report [Appendix B] be accepted and this was agreed. It was noted that a lower cost proposal for speed reduction near to the primary school has been accepted.  Concerns from residents regarding speeding on London Road, parking on double-yellow lines in High Street and advertising on verges in Easton Lane were outlined and the action taken noted.  Cllr Morris reported that visibility for motorists exiting Mile Street onto London Road is made more difficult by larger vehicles being parked close to the junction.  Cllrs Brown and Skittrall reported on action taken regarding traffic disruption due to roadworks on the A509 at Wollaston.
  3. Street lights – no issues were reported. The rising cost of energy for unmetered supplies was discussed and detailed proposals from Clear Utility Solutions were considered.  Cllr Skittrall proposed that the council accepts the proposal from Clear Utility Solutions to arrange a change of supplier for unmetered supplies to street lights owned and maintained by Bozeat Parish Council, this was agreed.
  4. Parish Paths Warden/Rights of Way – no report received.
  5. Village Warden – Cllr Skittrall proposed that a report [Appendix C] be accepted and this was agreed.
  6. Verge mowing – Cllr Gibbins reported that he had met with the contractors to discuss areas of concern which have been addressed. The narrow verge in Little Close may be easier managed if it is planted rather than mown.
  7. Village Green – the exact position for two removable bollards was discussed. The Jubilee trees have suffered in the recent hot weather but an Odd Job form has been issued for watering.
  8. Village Green – to consider the provision of CCTV and two planters – it was resolved to defer this item pending additional information.
  9. Climate Emergency and wildlife conservation [BEES] – Cllr Morris reported that the group has not met this month.
  10. New litter bin for outside the village shop – Cllr Gibbins reported that the contact who used to work for Norse is now working for North Northants Council and is investigating if they can provide and install the bin for us.

The Clerk reported that the volunteer who has been tending the planter on Olney Road has advised that they wish to relinquish the responsibility.  She has been contacted by a couple who would like to take this on.  It was resolved to send a letter to Ms Milligan thanking her for the many years she has tended the planter and to write to Ms Steel and Mr Beardsmore inviting them to take over its future care.


  1. Current/new planning applications – Cllr Skittrall proposed that a report [Appendix D] be accepted that this was agreed. It was further agreed to send a response supporting refusal of permission for the site at Dungee Corner.  Cllr Skittrall recommended that all village organisations be contacted and asked if they have any special requirements should a new village hall be provided, this was agreed.


  1. Representative’s reports.
  2. Bozeat Playing Field Association – Cllr Gibbins proposed that a report [Appendix E] be accepted, and this was agreed. Maintenance for the MUGA was proving an issue, Cllr Gibbins to pursue this.
  3. Bozeat Primary School – no issues reported.
  4. JAG meetings – no meetings have been held recently.
  5. Police Liaison – Cllr Gibbins reported that an online meeting is to be held on 28th June and he is unable to attend, he will contact Cllr Docker to see if she is available.
  6. Public transport – Cllr Pollard reported that timetables are being badly affected by the

roadworks at Wollaston.


Page 2087 – 20th June 2022


  1. NNC Parish Forum/Ward meetings – the next ward meeting will be held at 7pm on 30th June at TLC. The Clerk will be attending this meeting and two members of the council are invited to attend.  Cllr Morris to check his diary and the Clerk to invite Cllr Cooke to attend.
  2. Parish Asset Mapping – it was resolved to accept a report [Appendix F]. Following discussion, it was agreed that the Clerk will add two stopped up highways and several urban footways to the map to complete the project.  It was further agreed not to take up the subscription to Parishes Online.
  3. Santa Pod Liaison – it was resolved to invite representatives to the next meeting.


  1. Crimes – several crimes were reported in local areas and Bozeat over the last month.


  1. Local events.
    1. Platinum Jubilee [2-6 June] – it was felt that the beacon lighting event was very good, with many residents attending, the family picnic on the Sunday was affected by the poor weather but the civic service was reasonably well attended. Letters of thanks have been sent out.
    2. 27th August 2022 – Summer Fete – Cllr Gibbins reported that additional help is needed on the date of the fete and would circulate a call for the volunteers nearer the date. It was agreed that the organisation of events should be reviewed after the fete as too few people take on board too much of the work.  It was reported that the school PTA may be organising a fundraising event using the playing field in 2023.

The Clerk reported receipt of a letter of thanks for those who volunteered at the Waendel Walk this year and volunteers are invited to attend an afternoon tea.


  1. Inspection of equipment at the Playing Field.

Following receipt of the full inspection report, Cllr Gibbins has arranged for a quote for essential repairs to be provided by R & G.


  1. Chairman’s expenses.

Cllr Skittrall vacated the room whilst this item was discussed and Cllr Gibbins took the chair.   Cllr Dudley-Smith proposed that £600 be paid to Cllr Skittrall towards costs incurred in his role as Chairman of Bozeat Parish Council for the previous year.  This was seconded by Cllr Gibbins and agreed.


  1. Payments – Cllr Skittrall proposed that a report [Appendix G] and the payments listed on it be approved, this was agreed.
  2. Audit of 2021-2022 accounts – the Clerk reported that the period of public rights is underway until 22nd

The Chairman suggested that a deposit account be opened so that the risk of loss of funds is spread and it was agreed that the Clerk should investigate suitable accounts.


It was agreed to acknowledge receipt of correspondence received since the last meeting, as listed on Appendix H.


  1. Items for the next agenda.
  • Santa pod traffic issues.
  1. Date and time of next meeting.

It was noted that the next meeting of Bozeat Parish Council will take place on Monday, 18th July 2022 at TLC, Dychurch Lane, Bozeat following Public Participation at 7pm.

There being no further business, the meeting was declared closed.

Signed by the Chairman, 25th July 2022.