Minutes – January 2022 meeting

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PRESENT: – Cllrs Skittrall [Chairman]; Brown; Cooke; Duckles; Dudley-Smith; Foward; Gibbins; Morris; Pollard and Pritchard.


PUBLIC: – no members of the public were present at the meeting.


It was resolved to accept apologies for absence received from Cllr Docker and North Northamptonshire Councillors.


  1. Declarations of interest.

Agenda item 12b – Cllr Cooke declared a non-pecuniary interest in this item.

from members in items to be discussed.


Cllr Skittrall proposed that the minutes of the meeting of Bozeat Parish Council held on 13th December 2021 be accepted as a correct record.  This was seconded by Cllr Pollard and a vote was taken = 8 for with 2 abstentions, motion carried.


  1. Matters arising from the previous meeting: –
  2. Circulating documents – it was resolved to recommence the circulation of packs to those members of the council who are happy to receive them, the Clerk to amend the list of recipients.
  3. Website migration – the Clerk reported that she had uploaded the first documents onto SharePoint, we now need to provide the new photos for the website.
  4. Emergency Plan review – the Clerk reported that this is on hold, waiting for photos, these could be the same ones as for the website.
  5. Skate ramp – update on the resurfacing of the ramp – noted that this is on hold until the Spring.
  6. Santa Pod – it was resolved to accept a report [Appendix A] and it was further resolved that Cllr Morris investigates contacts at Santa Pod and prepares a draft letter setting out the problems being experienced when the strip is open for events. The letter to be circulated to all members.  It was further agreed to set the speed sign up on Harrold Road so that data on the volume and speed of traffic can be collected.
  7. Laptop – purchase of new equipment – the Chairman reported that he had made some enquiries and Cllr Gibbins proposed that delegated powers be given to the IT Working Party to spend up to £1000 on equipment and software. This was seconded by Cllr Pritchard and agreed.
  8. Training – play equipment inspection training – it was agreed to defer this until the next meeting.
  9. Community assets – update on the application for the Red Lion to be included on the list of Community Assets – the Clerk reported that the application has been submitted and initial queries answered. It was noted that many other groups use the Red Lion and more evidence could be submitted, if required.


  1. Council services.
  2. Cemetery – general report – no report received.
  3. Cemetery – applications for permission to place memorials or headstones in the cemetery – no applications received this month.


Page 2066 – 17th January 2022.


Page 2067 – 17th January 2022.


  1. Cemetery – to receive an update on maintenance works [repairs to the wall on the Garden of Remembrance in area C [completed]; purchase of noticeboards and signs; tree inspection; salt/grit container; war memorial cleaning]. It was resolved to defer this item.
  2. Cemetery – to consider investigating the compulsory purchase of land in order to extend the cemetery. It was resolved to defer this item.
  3. Cemetery – to consider extending the Garden of Remembrance on section C. it was resolved to defer this item.
  4. Cemetery – memorial inspections – it was resolved to defer this item.
  5. Allotments – it was noted that measures are being taken to prevent vehicular access to the central track during wet weather, Cllr Brown has this in hand.
  6. Allotments – to receive an update on maintenance works [cutting back the hedge fronting Allens Hill; replacement noticeboards]. It was noted that all works are in hand.
  7. Allotments – update on the collection of rents for 2022 – the Clerk reported that 3 reminder letters have been sent out.


  1. Local environment.
  2. Highways – including parking restrictions – Cllr Foward proposed that his report [Appendix B] be accepted, this was seconded by Cllr Skittrall and agreed. Cllr Foward reported that he is to meet with a Highways Officer later this week and will raise all outstanding issues.  It was noted that the zebra crossing near to the primary school was repainted recently and notification has been received that Mile Street will be closed for works from 9-11th February, it was resolved to advertise the closure on Facebook. Mud deposits on the road and pavement on Camden Square as a result of works on the former Spar shop were noted and it was resolved that the Chairman checks if this can be addressed through planning enforcement.
  3. Highways – to consider proposals to introduce a limit of 20mph in areas indicated on a plan. It was noted that this is to be discussed at the meeting with North Northamptonshire Councillors later this month.
  4. Highways – to consider purchasing salt to top up grit bins managed by the Parish Council and also for use in the cemetery – the Chairman and Clerk have this in hand.
  5. Street Lights – it was noted that a light on St Mary’s Road seems to be on during the day, the Chairman to investigate and report. The Clerk reported that the unmetered supply to the street lights remaining the responsibility of the Parish Council has been passed from e-on UK to Npower.  ClearUtilitySolutions has provided a quote should the council wish to move supplier again.  It was resolved to leave the supply with Npower for 6 months and then review costs.
  6. Parish Paths Warden/Rights of Way – no issues were reported.
  7. Village Warden – no report received this month.
  8. Verge mowing – to consider any issues or revisions to the mowing map – the Clerk reported that the annual invitation to enter into a parish grass mowing contract has been received, this to be an agenda item for the next meeting. The Clerk reported that a resident had reported that not all the verge in London Road is mowed every time, this to be investigated.
  9. Wildlife conservation areas – it was resolved to include this with the Climate Emergency report on agenda item 6k.
  10. Land in St Mary’s Road – to consider requesting the transfer of ownership of the wide verge in St Mary’s Road to the parish council. It was noted that this will be discussed at the meeting with North Northamptonshire Councillors later this month.
  11. Village Green – tree planting scheme, including the Plant A Tree for the Jubilee project. The Chairman to chase up a response from Felicity Webber.
  12. Climate Emergency – Cllr Morris reported that a small working party has been formed and a report will be prepared ready for the next meeting.

Page 2068 – 17th January 2022.


  1. Current/new planning applications – Cllr Skittrall proposed that his report [Appendix C] be accepted, this was seconded by Cllr Foward and agreed. Cllr Gibbins reported that the proposals to develop the former Nene Milling site for a school has been rejected and the land sold again. A new planning application is expected to be submitted in a few weeks’ time and the Parish Council is expected to be consulted.


  1. Representatives’ reports.
  2. Bozeat Playing Field Association – it was reported that the MUGA is being well used and the charity shop has re-opened on Saturday mornings.
  3. Bozeat Primary School – it was reported that there have been some staff absences due to Covid recently. The numbers on the school roll are falling, however this is being reflected across the county.
  4. JAG meetings – no meetings have been held recently.
  5. Police Liaison – Cllr Gibbins reported that he is now in contact with the group
  6. Public transport – Cllr Pollard reported that both services are running well.


  1. Crimes – no local crimes were reported during the month.


  1. Local events.
    1. 13-15 May 2022 – Waendel Walk weekend.
    2. June 2022 – The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – Cllr Gibbins reported that it had been hoped that a new bowl could be fitted to the existing beacon but that does not appear to be possible. The cost of the official beacon is likely to be almost £500.  It was resolved that Cllrs Gibbins and Skittrall liaise to seek the best way forward.  It was reported that St Mary’s Church had asked what events the council is organising so that events do not clash and it was resolved to also liaise with the primary school.  It was resolved that the Jubilee event is combined with the annual Summer Fete and that the event be advertised in the March issue of Bozeat Matters magazine.


  1. Parish Asset Mapping.

The Clerk reported that information has been received from NorthantsCALC about an Asset Mapping Project and there may be funding available.  It was resolved that information be sent to all members ready for the next meeting.


  1. Finance
  2. Payments – Cllr Foward proposed that a report [Appendix D] be accepted, this was seconded by Cllr Gibbins and agreed. The cost of the ink cartridge for the new printer was noted.  The Clerk reported that she has written to HSBC Bank to chase the closing statements promised in December.
  3. Internal Audit of accounts – it was resolved to accept a report [Appendix E]. Cllr Cooke declared a non-pecuniary interest in this item.  Following discussion Cllr Gibbins proposed that the quote from Karen Levett Accountancy Services be accepted for a year with the council to then review costs.  This was seconded by Cllr Pollard and a vote was taken = 9 for with 1 abstention.
  4. Insurance – to ensure adequate cover for events and revaluation of the cemetery lodge. It was resolved to review all items currently covered by the policy and check values so that the cover is accurate.


It was resolved to acknowledge receipt of correspondence received since the last meeting, as listed on Appendix F.


Page 2069 – 17th January 2022


  1. Items for the next agenda.

It was resolved to add the following items to the agenda for the next meeting –

  • Verge mowing contract for 2022-2023
  • Planters – renewal of hosts for 2022-2023
  • Village Fete June 2022.
  • Flooding in London Road in 2020 – Cllr Gibbins reported that a resident was flooded by water running off fields in December 2020 and has been informed that he must undertake the prevention works required himself. It was agreed that this would be a matter for the Environment Agency to resolve.


  1. Date and time of next meeting.

It was noted that the next meeting of Bozeat Parish Council will take place on Monday, 21st February 2022 at TLC, Dychurch Lane, Bozeat.  All meetings are open to the public and preceded by Public Participation at 7pm.


There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed.







Signed ………………………………………………… Chairman. 21st February 2022.