Minutes February 2022

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PRESENT – Cllrs Skittrall [Chairman]; Brown; Duckles; Dudley-Smith; Forward; Morris; Pollard and Pritchard.


PUBLIC – No members of the public were present at the meeting.


It was resolved to accept apologies for absence received from Cllrs Cooke; Docker and Gibbins.


  1. Declarations of interest.

No new declarations of interest were received.


  1. Minutes of the Annual Finance Meeting.

The minutes of the Annual Finance Meeting of Bozeat Parish Council held on 10th January 2022 were proposed as correct by Cllr Pritchard, this was seconded by Cllr Morris and a vote was taken = 5 for with 3 abstentions, motion carried.


The minutes of the meeting of Bozeat Parish Council held on 17th January 2022 were proposed as correct by Cllr Pollard, this was seconded by Cllr Foward and a vote was taken = 6 for with 2 abstentions, motion carried.


  1. Matters arising from previous meetings: –
  2. Circulating documents – it was noted that all packs have now been returned.
  3. Website migration – the Clerk reported that the edit site has now been created and is available for the IT and Website Working Party to view and comment on.
  4. Emergency Plan review – no progress reported.
  5. Skate ramp – Cllr Foward reported that the top deck of the ramp has a hole in it, the Chairman to investigate. It was agreed that the resurfacing of the ramp be an agenda item for the next meeting.
  6. Santa Pod – Cllr Morris reported that he had prepared a draft letter to send to Santa Pod, the Chairman to make a few amendments prior to circulating before sending. The Clerk to check past emails for potential contact details for Santa Pod.
  7. Laptop/software – the Chairman reported that the laptop has been purchased at a cost of £349 and software is now being investigated.
  8. Training – it was noted that the play equipment inspection training has been arranged, and First Aid training is being set up, a second person is required to ensure adequate cover at events. The Clerk to investigate new councillor training.
  9. Community assets – awaiting the result of our application for the Red Lion pub.


  1. Council services.
  2. Cemetery – Cllr Skittrall proposed that a report [Appendix A] be accepted, this was seconded by Cllr Foward and agreed.
  3. Cemetery – applications for permission to place memorials or headstones in the cemetery. No applications received.
  4. Cemetery – to receive an update on maintenance works [purchase of noticeboards and signs; salt/grit container; war memorial cleaning]. Ice Melt has been purchased and the contractor has a spreader.
  5. Cemetery – to consider investigating the compulsory purchase of land in order to extend the cemetery. A letter has been sent to the landowner.


Page 2070 – 21st February 2022.

Page 2071 – 21st February 2022.


  1. Cemetery – to consider extending the Garden of Remembrance on section C – no progress.
  2. Cemetery – memorial inspections – it was resolved to approve the adoption of the Memorial Safety Policy [Appendix B].
  3. Cemetery – tree and shrub trimming – noted that trimming has been done and a quote for tree assessments requested.
  4. Cemetery – grounds maintenance and caretaking contracts for 2022-2023 – it was proposed by Cllr Brown, seconded by Cllr Pollard and agreed to add the application of Ice Melt as and when appropriate, and the laying-down of unsafe headstones when instructed by the council to the contract with C.Chapman from 1st April 2022. It was further agreed to extend the contract with R & G Grounds Maintenance for a further year, with a minor amendment to the details on the contract.
  5. Allotments – the keeping of bees on the allotments was discussed as a result of concerns raised by a tenant and it was resolved to advise the Allotments Manager that the council has decided not to permit bee hives on allotments.
  6. Allotments – to receive an update on maintenance works [cutting back the hedge fronting Allens Hill; replacement noticeboards]. It was reported that the noticeboard for the Allens Hill entrance has been put up, the Fullwell Road entrance noticeboard will be put up shortly.  A section of hedge on the Allens Hill boundary has been cut back, as requested, but the exposed fence is in poor condition.  It was resolved that this be an agenda item for the next meeting.
  7. Allotments – it was noted that all rents for 2022 have now been received.


  1. Local environment.
  2. Highways – Cllr Foward proposed that his report [Appendix C] be accepted, this was seconded by Cllr Skittrall and agreed. It was reported that the no cycling sign has been replaced and the yield sign will be repaired shortly.  The quality of some of the thermal finishing work is to be discussed with the Highways Officer.  The pavement in Dag Lane has been repaired again but the underlying issue has still not been resolved.  An email from a resident about trees in London Road was noted.
  3. Highways – 20mph speed limit proposals – this was discussed at the ward meeting with North Northants Councillors. It was resolved that the Clerk contacts a resident who may be able to provide information about an accident involving a child using the zebra crossing in Harrold Road.  Cllr Duckles reported that Carlton has a 20mph limit near to the school as do many villages in Scotland.
  4. Highways – grit bin topping up. The Clerk reported that an odd job form has been issued and the salt stored in the cemetery lodge will be used to top up the two grit bins managed by the Parish Council.
  5. Street Lights – Cllr Foward reported that two lights in Hensmans Lane have not been upgraded.
  6. Parish Paths Warden/Rights of Way – no issues reported.
  7. Village Warden – Cllr Skittrall proposed that a report [Appendix D] be accepted and this was agreed.
  8. Verge mowing – parish verge mowing contract with Northamptonshire Highways for the 2022-23 season. It was unanimously agreed to continue to manage the verge mowing in Bozeat in agreement with North Northamptonshire Council.
  9. Land in St Mary’s Road – it was resolved to discuss this item under agenda item 12.
  10. Village Green – it was resolved that Cllrs Brown and Skittrall prepare plans to include tree planting and bollards in order to protect the Village Green from unauthorised parking.
  11. Climate Emergency and wildlife conservation area – Cllr Morris reported that the working party had held a very productive meeting and a report will follow.


Page 2072 – 21st February 2022.


  1. Current/new planning applications – Cllr Skittrall proposed that his report [Appendix E] be accepted, this was seconded by Cllr Foward and agreed. Information provided by Cllr Gibbins about the former Nene Milling site in London Road was noted and it was resolved to invite the developers to attend the next Parish Council meeting.  It was resolved to take no action relating to an email received from David Wilson Homes.


  1. Representative’s reports.
  2. Bozeat Playing Field Association – Cllr Skittrall proposed that a report [Appendix F] be accepted and this was agreed. It was resolved to check the hosting agreement and the insurance responsibilities for the MUGA.
  3. Bozeat Primary School – Cllr Dudley-Smith reported that a Governors meeting is to be held tomorrow.
  4. JAG meetings – it was noted that no meetings have been held recently.
  5. Police Liaison – no news.
  6. Public transport – North Northants Council have produced an Enhanced Bus Partnership Plan. Severe weather has affected services recently and it was resolved to ask that any urgent service updates for the Village Hopper service be posted on the Bozeat Community Facebook page.
  7. Ward meeting with NNC councillors [January 2022] – Cllrs Foward and Skittrall attended this meeting on behalf of the Parish Council and raised issues such as the proposals for a 20mph speed limit near to the primary school; issues with the Dag Lane blocked drain; parking restrictions.
  8. NNC Parish Forum meetings – it was noted that the Parish Council has requested two items be added to the agenda, date to be confirmed.


  1. Crimes – several crimes in nearby villages and criminal damage to a fence in Bozeat were noted.


  1. Local events.
    1. 13-15 May 2022 – Waendel Walk weekend.
    2. 2-6 June 2022 – The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.


  1. Parish Asset Mapping.

It was resolved that a small working party comprising Cllrs Brown and Morris with the Clerk be set up to take part in this project.


  1. Freedom of Information Act: Publications Scheme.

The Clerk reported that some of the details on the council’s approved Publications Scheme are now out of date and it was resolved to change references to the Borough Council of Wellingborough and Northamptonshire County Council to North Northants Council, and to remove the references to Wollaston and Wellingborough Libraries.  The Clerk to investigate the legal requirements for publication of the revised scheme.


  1. Finance.
  2. Payments – Cllr Forward proposed that the Finance Report [Appendix G] be accepted, and the payments listed be approved, this was agreed.
  3. Insurance – review and revaluation of items covered. Cllr Morris had produced a revaluation of the cemetery lodge for insurance purposes and it was resolved to contact the insurance company to ensure adequate cover is provided.  It was further resolved that all items covered by the policy be reviewed.
  4. Internal audit – it was noted that engagement documents have been signed.


Page 2073 – 21st February 2022.


It was resolved to acknowledge receipt of correspondence received since the last meeting, as listed on Appendix H.


  1. Items for the next agenda.
  • Skate ramp repairs and resurfacing.
  • Waendel Walk checkpoint rota.
  • NALC list of required/recommended policies.
  • Allotment’s fence/hedge.
  1. Date and time of next meeting.

It was noted that the next meeting of Bozeat Parish Council is scheduled to take place on Monday, 21st March 2022 at TLC, Dychurch Lane, Bozeat and will be preceded by the Annual Parish Meeting for Bozeat at 7pm and then Public Participation.

Signed  Chairman. 21st March 2022.