Health and Safety Policy

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Adopted prior to 2010
Reviewed January 2022


It is the Parish Council’s responsibility, as far as is reasonably practicable, to ensure the health and safety of village residents and all users of the Cemetery, Allotments, Town Well and Village Green, by safely maintaining council-owned assets.  Council-owned assets are buildings, surroundings, fixtures, fittings and equipment, including street lighting, public seats, bus shelters, litter bins, village signs, notice boards, skate board ramps, teen shelters, seeking guidance from the relevant health and safety and fire regulations and approved codes of practice and British Standards.


Bozeat Parish Council, or its appointed representatives, will:

1       Periodically review all information relating to health and safety issues.

2       Inspect all council-owned buildings, surroundings, fixtures, fittings and equipment in line with the risk assessment.

3       Have a responsibility to report health and safety concerns to the Chairman, and ensure that repairs and maintenance are undertaken, as appropriate.

4       Ensure that all users are aware of their duty of care to themselves and others by making this document available to the public.

5       Maintain a record of all work undertaken in the Cemetery, Allotments, Town Well and Village Green.

6       Maintain an accident report book.

7       Provide first aid equipment in the Cemetery Lodge.

8       Ensure all volunteer workers have received training and are aware of any risks associated with the work they are undertaking.

9       Require all contractors working in the Cemetery, Allotments, Town Well and Village Green to supply a copy of their health and safety policy and public liability insurance to the Parish Council or to their agents.