Equal Opportunities Policy

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Adopted prior to 2010
Reviewed January 2022


Bozeat Parish Council is committed to ensuring that all individuals and groups are treated fairly and valued equally.  The Council will be governed by this commitment in its dealings with its own employees, contractors, volunteers and all with whom it has contacts or dealings.


Good Practice

The Council will, in its implementation of this equal opportunities policy do its best to follow good professional practice as laid down in legislation, the associated Codes of Practice, and advice offered by the Commission for Racial Equality, Equal Opportunities Commission and the National Disability Council.

Fair and Equal Treatment

The Council will oppose all unlawful or unjust direct and indirect discrimination against individuals and groups.  In recruitment employees, contractors and volunteers, and in the provision of training, it will act fairly and objectively without imposing irrelevant conditions.

Positive Action

The Council will ensure that its Equal Opportunities Policy is being implemented, monitored and regularly reviewed.

Equal Regard

The Council will treat all individuals and groups with equal regard for their human rights, dignity and the proper consideration of their needs.