Cemetery Guidelines revised January 2024

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CEMETERY GUIDELINES – revised January 2024


General Provisions


  1. The fee for grave spaces, permission to place memorials on graves and to place inscriptions thereon are set out in the current table of cemetery fees.
  2. Grave spaces and cremation plots in Bozeat Cemetery will not normally be available for use by persons not resident in Bozeat unless a proven connection to the village can be displayed, each application will be considered on merit by the Cemetery Representatives of Bozeat Parish Council. This does not apply to former residents of Bozeat who have left the village to go into residential care.
  3. Purchased graves are the responsibility of the purchaser, or their representative, to maintain.
  4. Disposal of cremated remains must be arranged through a Funeral Director and with the prior permission of the Burial Registrar.
  5. Bozeat Parish Council will only accept applications to install new headstones/memorials by companies registered as members of the National Association of Monumental Masons.
  6. Headstones/memorials are the responsibility of the family/representatives of the deceased, Bozeat Parish Council accepts no responsibility for any damage which may occur.
  7. Loose chippings may only be placed on a grave that has kerbstones in place to contain them and once permission has been sought and the relevant fee paid. The Parish Council reserves the right to remove any structure deemed to be inappropriate, offensive, dangerous or unstable.
  8. Loose chippings may only be an approved colour.
  9. No dogs to be allowed in the Cemetery except for guide dogs.
  10. No chains, rails, or other form of enclosure may be placed on any plot. No wind chimes, night or solar powered lights, windmills, candles, tea-lights, lanterns, balloons or other, similar, adornments are permitted on any plot in Bozeat cemetery.  If any such loose items are identified on a plot, a letter will be sent to the family asking that they be removed within 30 days, otherwise the council will remove them and store them in the lodge.  The Parish Council takes no responsibility for the security of any loose items placed on plots and these are left at own risk.
  11. The maximum height of any headstone to be no taller than 36” or 91.5cm to the base plinth.
  12. The maximum size of images permitted on headstones will be 28cm x 15.2cm [11” x 6”].
  13. An annual inspection of gravestones will be undertaken and any considered to be unstable will be recorded and appropriate action taken – if relatives can be identified, a letter will be sent informing them of the action taken.
  14. Any action to lay down headstones will be avoided except in cases where there is a risk to the health and safety of the public, contractors or visitors.
  15. Cremated remains may not be scattered or sprinkled in any part of the cemetery.
  16. Commemorative seats, including base, are welcome in the cemetery and may be dedicated to individuals with plaques or carved inscriptions, subject to the prior approval of the design and size by Bozeat Parish Council. The Parish Council will organise the construction of the base on behalf of the family.
  17. All vehicles entering the cemetery must remain on the designated roadways.




  1. Bozeat Parish Council will only accept applications for burial upon receipt of a completed Notice of Interment form and, where appropriate, form 18. Funeral Directors are required to ensure that any persons contracted to dig a grave in Bozeat Cemetery are trained to do so, has the appropriate level of Public Liability Insurance, and has provided a copy of their Risk Assessment and Health and Safety Policy.
  2. Where a child under the age of 18 years is to be buried or cremated remains are to be interred, both parents shall have joint ownership of the plot and joint responsibility for future maintenance of it, unless one of the parents gives written consent that the other may take sole ownership and responsibility.
  3. The depth of graves before and after burial, but prior to backfilling, shall be recorded in the Register of Grave Spaces.
  4. Grants of Exclusive Right of Burial shall be for 50 years from the date of burial, however extensions may be applied for.
  5. A Transfer Form shall be provided to the next of kin or representative of the deceased immediately following an interment to ensure the transfer of responsibility can be completed without delay.
  6. Grave spaces may be reserved upon application to the Registrar.
  7. That permission for new headstones or other permanent memorials will not normally be given until at least 6 months has passed since the burial. the council reserves the right to defer permission until ground conditions are suitable. for installation.
  8. Trees and shrubs are not permitted on grave plots, memorial trees or aromatic trees and shrubs may be purchased and planted, subject to consultation with the Parish Council. A small fee is payable and details of the deceased are recorded in the burial book.
  9. All kerbing or other permanent adornments must be approved by the Parish Council and securely placed.
  10. All new graves apart from those in the Green Burial Area must be finished to a low mound no higher than 9cm [4”] above ground level and covered with topsoil. Grave measurements should not exceed 244cm x 122cm [8feet by 4feet].  If any grave sinks to a low level and becomes a danger to the public, representatives of the Parish Council will seek to deal with this in consultation with the grave purchaser, or their representative.
  11. Any surplus spoil left following a burial shall be removed from the cemetery within 7 days of the burial, and this is the responsibility of the Funeral Director/gravedigger.


Garden of Remembrance


  1. All memorial tablets to be placed flat and measure 45.2cm x 30.5 cm [18″ x 12″], only black, white, blue granite or grey stones are permitted, other colours may be considered.
  2. Plot sizes to be the size of a memorial tablet only.
  3. Memorial stones in the tiers to be wedge shaped and measure 45.2cm x 30.5 cm [18″ x 12″].
  4. Permission to place memorial tablets must be obtained from the Registrar prior to installation.
  5. No loose chippings are to be placed around memorial tablets.


Green Burials


  1. The Green Burial area will be actively managed in a wildlife-friendly way.
  2. Each plot will have a memorial tree chosen from the following list:- Silver Birch; Whitebeam; Hornbeam; Wild Cherry; Holly; Rowan; Maple; Box; Willow; Crab Apple; Wild Pear.
  3. All plots will measure 4m x 4m.
  4. Only residents of Bozeat, or persons with close family connections to Bozeat will be eligible for interment in the Green Burial site, each application will be considered individually by the Parish Council.
  5. At the time of the funeral, any type of floral tribute may be placed at the grave.
  6. Floral tributes are welcome, but all wrappings and ribbons should be removed.
  7. Bulbs and wildflower seeds or plants are always welcome.
  8. Artificial flowers may not be placed in the Green Burial area.
  9. Glass, ceramic or metal containers may not be placed in the Green Burial area.
  10. Ornaments, toys or photographs may not be placed in the Green Burial area.
  11. Items may not be attached to the trees at any time, even at Christmas.
  12. The trees will be planted in the centre of each grave.
  13. All grave markers are to be made of wood only, with the lettering etched or scorched – no metal plaques to be used. Temporary metal nameplates will be removed 12 months after the date of burial.
  14. Marking of graves may be a personal choice from either, engraved and stained soft wood plaque, or oak, and may be flat or standing on edge. All grave markings to be approved by Bozeat Parish Council prior to being placed on a grave.  Any peg or bracket must be wooden and not metal.
  15. Plaques to be no larger than 30cm x 30cm with a maximum height of 30cm. All wordings on plaques to be approved by Bozeat Parish Council prior to the plaque being placed on the grave.
  16. Oak tree stakes engraved with names and dates, as on a plaque, may be placed on graves subject to the prior approval of Bozeat Parish Council.
  17. Wooden benches are welcome and may be dedicated to individuals, subject to the prior approval of Bozeat Parish Council.
  18. Tree planting takes place between November and March annually. Families who have requested a tree will be contacted to arrange a convenient appointment for the planting and family and friends would be welcome to attend.
  19. Any tree which fails within 15 years of being planted will be replaced by the Parish Council free of charge.
  20. All items are subject to the approval of Bozeat Parish Council prior to any action being taken and the relevant fees being paid.
  21. Interments of coffins will be single depth only and only one burial permitted on each plot.
  22. More than one casket of cremated remains may be interred or ashes may be scattered on a single plot.
  23. All graves in the Green Burial area are to be finished to a mound approximately 12” or 30.5cm above ground level.