Approved minutes – September 2022

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PRESENT: – Cllrs Skittrall [Chairman]; Brown; Cooke; Docker; Duckles; Dudley-Smith; Foward; Morris; Pollard and Pritchard.


PUBLIC: – no members of the public were present at the meeting.


A minute’s silence was observed before the start of the meeting to mark the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and also Gloria Wallis, a former member and Chairman of Bozeat Parish Council.


It was resolved to accept apologies for absence received from Cllr Gibbins.


  1. Declarations of Interest.

No new interests were declared.


  1. Death of HM Queen Elizabeth II and accession of King Charles III.

The Chairman reported that a small working party had been preparing Operation London Bridge which sets out the protocols and procedures for the death of the Monarch or other senior member of the Royal Family. The working party had activated the plan immediately the death of The Queen was announced and followed guidelines relating to flag-flying, reading of the proclamation etc.  Letters of thanks were sent out as appropriate.  The working party will meet to update the Plan.


The minutes from the meeting of Bozeat Parish Council held on 15th August 2022 were proposed as correct by Cllr Pritchard.  This was seconded by Cllr Morris and a vote was taken = 7 for with 3 abstentions, motion carried.


  1. Matters Arising.
  2. Circulating documents – it was noted that only 1 pack is out at present.
  3. Website migration – progress on the migration was provided and it was noted that we are close to the site being published.
  4. Emergency Plan review – update on progress. The Clerk reported that she had not been able to return to this project and it was noted that this has been on the agenda for many months now.  It was agreed to move items that are on hold to lower on the agenda.
  5. Laptop/software – the Clerk reported that a meeting with Cllr Brown has been arranged to resolve email connectivity. Concern was raised at the length of time this has been on the agenda.
  6. Training – it was noted that Cllr Morris is booked to attended courses in the next few weeks.
  7. Community assets – update on the application for the Red Lion to be included on the list. The Clerk reported that she will chase up North Northants Council for a result.
  8. Skate ramp – resurfacing report. The Chairman reported that he had checked the ramp and was happy with the result, Cllr Foward reported that nothing has been done to resolve the issues he raised, the Chairman to organise a more thorough check.
  9. Audit of local council adopted policies and procedures – it was noted that this project is on hold.
  10. Play area inspection – update on repairs. The Clerk reported that the minor repairs will be undertaken by Mr Driver and any ground works will be undertaken by R & G so the quote received from Playdale does not need to be accepted.


Page 2095 – 26th September 2022.

Page 2096 – 26th September 2022.


  1. Council Services.
  2. Cemetery – general report – Cllr Docker proposed that her report [Appendix A] be accepted, this was agreed. A quote for work on cemetery trees had been received earlier today, and it was agreed that it be circulated.  A quote for a tree audit is being sought.  Cllrs Docker and Morris to meet to check the perimeter fencing and identify areas requiring repairs.
  3. Cemetery – applications for permission to place memorials or headstones in the cemetery. None received.
  4. Cemetery – to receive an update on maintenance works [war memorial cleaning; tree safety assessments]. It was noted that these are being organised.
  5. Cemetery – to consider the purchase of land in order to extend the cemetery. It was resolved that Cllr Brown check the ownership of land to the west of the cemetery.
  6. Cemetery – extension to the Garden of Remembrance on section C. It was resolved that the Odd Job Man be asked to meet with Cllr Docker at the cemetery to discuss this project.  additional slabs to be laid site preparation [Clive].
  7. Cemetery – memorial inspections – Cllr Docker reported that all headstones on section C have been checked and letters sent to families, where they can be identified. Most letters have been delivered by hand so the Clerk has been able to discuss the contents with the families.  Some headstones have already been repaired and some have been laid flat.  Those not secured by the end of October will be laid flat for safety reasons.
  8. Allotments – general report – Cllr Pollard proposed that his report [Appendix B] be accepted, this was agreed. A request to provide spaces where hedgehogs can get through the perimeter fence to the south of the allotments was discussed and it was noted that the fence does not belong to the council.  Cllr Morris reported that he had attended a conference at NorthantsACRE recently and many councils have vacant allotment plots so we are lucky to have a waiting list.
  9. Allotments – to receive an update on maintenance works [replacement noticeboards – one still to do; fence repairs – done; hedge planting – produce show to donate].
  10. Allotments – Village Produce Show to contribute towards the cost of trees/plants.


  1. Local Environment.
  2. Highways – Cllr Foward proposed that his report [Appendix C] be accepted, this was agreed. Cllr Foward reported some pavement repairs have been completed recently, parking restrictions have been completed in Camden Square and Warners Hill, the kerb lowered at the junction of Harrold Road and Church Lane.  The cost of providing speed reduction signs to the Parish Council would be £12500.   Cllr Pritchard reported that nothing is done to remove weeds that grow through the cracks on pavements or in the gutters and it was agreed that a list of problem areas be sent to Cllr Foward.
  3. Street Lights – no issues were reported.
  4. Parish Paths Warden/Rights of Way – the Chairman reported that the surface of the path which runs from Mill Road to London Road [New Path] has cracked open, agreed to report to Fix My Street.
  5. Village Warden – the Chairman proposed that a report [Appendix D] be accepted, this was agreed.
  6. Verge mowing – no issues were noted and the season is coming to an end.
  7. Village Green – project to install bollards in order to prevent unauthorised parking. No progress on this project.
  8. Village Green – provision of CCTV and two planters. It was agreed that Cllr Cooke should prepare a report ready for the next meeting.
  9. BEES Group – it was noted that the group haven’t met this month. A report from the NorthantsACRE conference that Cllr Morris attended recently will be provided ready for the next meeting.

Page 2097 – 26th September 2022.


  1. New litter bin for outside the village shop – Cllr Cooke confirmed that the bin outside the shop was provided by the parish council, agreed to write to the owners of the shop and ask them to seek sponsorship from a supplier for the provision of an additional bin.
  2. Planter sponsorship – to consider an invitation to sponsor village planters. Ask what do they mean by sponsorship?  Money or advert?
  3. Noticeboard – measures to prevent birds perching on, and soiling the noticeboard. It was resolved to issue an odd job form.


  1. Current/new planning applications – Cllr Skittrall proposed that his report [Appendix E] be accepted, this was seconded by Cllr Brown and agreed.

A new garage which has been placed to the rear of a property on London Road was noted, it was suggested that this may not require planning permission.

Concern was raised about the design of the proposed new village hall and the potential for developers not to deliver what is required under the section 106 agreement.  Cllr Skittrall outlined the legal safeguards with section 106 agreements.  Further concern was raised over producing a business plan for the new hall and it was resolved to have this as a separate agenda item for the next meeting.


  1. Representatives Reports.
  2. Bozeat Playing Field Association – details of the income received for use of the MUGA since it was installed was provided and noted. It was further noted that the MUGA had replaced the tennis court which provided a regular income.  The historical funding of the playing field by the parish council was outlined and the Chairman noted that Bozeat was unusual in that the playing field is not owned and managed by the parish council.
  3. Bozeat Primary School – Cllr Dudley-Smith reported that Cogenhoe Primary School joined the academy trust that manages Bozeat Primary School in September.
  4. JAG meetings – Cllr Docker reported that the last scheduled meeting was cancelled.
  5. Police Liaison – no report.
  6. Public transport – the Clerk reported that the value of voluntary donations received on the Village Hopper service last year was £500.
  7. NNC parish and ward meetings – it was noted that the Strategic Town & Parish Forum scheduled for 15th September had been postponed.
  8. Santa Pod Liaison Cllr Morris asked that the council takes stock as no marshals have been seen for some weeks.
  9. Grow Green Together conference – Cllr Morris will circulate a report shortly.
  10. NorthantsCALC AGM – noted that the Clerk is attending this event.


  1. Crimes – no local crimes were reported since the last meeting.


  1. Village Risk Assessments.

It was resolved that the Clerk should chase this up.


  1. Standing Orders.

It was proposed by Cllr Skittrall and agreed to add a new standing order – Bozeat Parish Council will not take action or acknowledge receipt of any correspondence where the sender, whether an individual or a group, cannot be clearly identified and a return address has not been provided.


  1. External Audit.

The Clerk reported that applications to opt-out of the SAAA appointed external audit arrangements must be submitted by 28th October.  It was resolved to contact North Northants Council and ask for more information about the opt-out arrangements outlined.

Page 2098 – 26th September 2022.


  1. Calendar of Meetings for 2023.

The draft calendar of meetings for 2023 was approved and it was resolved to publish them on our website.


  1. Local Events.
    1. 27th August 2022 – Summer Fete – it was reported that this had proved to be a successful event which was well attended. The history and evolution of the event was outlined and costs incurred and income received considered.  Concern was raised over the insurance issues for a combined event.
    2. 11th/13th November 2022 – Remembrance Day/Remembrance Sunday. It was suggested that a small p.a. system would be beneficial for the muster at Town Well and would have been useful when the Proclamation was read on the Village Green, and it was resolved to investigate the purchase of a suitable system.
    3. 3rd December 2022 – Christmas Tree Lighting event – Cllr Pritchard reported that she had contacted the Windmill Singers and asked if they would be able to lead the singing of a few carols. Cllr Docker reported that she had contacted the Bozeat School hand bell team and they are happy to attend.  It was agreed that Cllrs Docker and Pritchard would organise carol singing and hand bells, Cllrs Cooke and Skittrall to organise ordering and setting up the Christmas tree and lights.
    4. To consider organising a “Thank You” event for village volunteers – it was resolved that a list of names be prepared.
    5. To consider organising a Meet The Village event – Cllr Cooke suggested that this could be held on the Village Green next year.


  1. Payments – Cllr Skittrall proposed that a report [Appendix F] be accepted and the payments listed on it be approved, this was seconded by Cllr Brown and agreed.


It was resolved to acknowledge receipt of correspondence received since the last meeting, as listed on Appendix G.


  1. Items for the Next Agenda.
  • Revision to the parish council’s logo.
  • Civility and Respect Pledge.
  • Reduced agenda.
  1. Date and Time of Next Meeting.

It was noted that next meeting of Bozeat Parish Council will take place on Monday, 17th October 2022 at TLC, Dychurch Lane, Bozeat following Public Participation at 7pm.

There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Signed by Brian Skittrall, Chairman.  17th October 2022.