Approved minutes – November 2022

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PRESENT: – Cllrs Skittrall [Chairman]; Brown; Cooke; Docker; Duckles; Dudley-Smith; Foward; Gibbins; Morris; Pollard and Pritchard.


PUBLIC: – No members of the public were present at the meeting.


All members of the council were present, apologies were received from North Northants Cllr Griffiths.

  1. Declarations of interest.

No new declarations of interest were received.


The minutes of the meeting of Bozeat Parish Council held on 17th October 2022 were proposed as correct by Cllr Foward, this was seconded by Cllr Pritchard and a vote was taken = 10 for with 1 abstention, motion carried.


  1. Matters arising: –
  2. Circulating documents – it was noted that only one pack is currently circulating.
  3. Website migration – further progress has been made and issues relating to spreadsheets resolved.
  4. Training – noted that Cllr Morris is to attend two courses soon.
  5. Skate ramp – Cllr Gibbins reported that he had met the contractor and they had inspected the area where rot is evident, a quote of £1500 plus VAT had been received to inspect and repair this. The contractor had advised that, in order to inspect the supporting structure, the riding surfaces would need to be removed and it may not be possible to re-instate them afterwards.  It was resolved to defer the work to investigate the rot until after the winter, noting that the contractor had confirmed that the ramp is safe to use.  It was further resolved to add funds to the budget for this work for next year.  Cllr Foward reported that missing screws have still not been addressed by the contractor and he and Cllr Gibbins will meet to view the area of concern.
  6. Play area inspection – Cllr Gibbins reported that the ground works have been delayed by the weather but are to be done shortly.
  7. Village risk assessments – it was noted that the Village Warden will undertake these as soon as possible. It was resolved that Cllr Morris should review the risk assessment templates.
  8. Noticeboard – bird spikes – it was reported that the resources have been received and an odd job order provided.
  9. Civility and Respect Pledge – it was noted that this has been added to the Policies File and resolved to remove this from the agenda.


  1. Council services.
    1. Cemetery – general report – Cllr Docker reported that work to cut back trees has been completed. Work to trim trees close to power lines will be done by Western Power at no cost to the council.
    2. Cemetery – one application for permission to place a new cremation tablet has been received and Cllr Docker proposed that this be approved, agreed.
    3. Cemetery – war memorial cleaning – a quote for work costing £1250 had been received and Cllr Skittrall proposed that this be accepted, agreed.


Page 2103 – 21st November 2022

Page 2104 – 21st November 2022


  1. Cemetery – to receive an update on maintenance works – it was agreed to move repairs to the railings to on hold items. A quote for tree safety assessments has been sought.
  2. Cemetery – cemetery extension – Cllr Brown reported that he had obtained information about ownership of land to the west of the cemetery from the Land Registry but felt the land was not suitable, he urged all members to visit the cemetery and view the land. In his view, the land to the east of the cemetery would be better and it may be worth seeing if the water main that crosses it can be moved.  Cllr Gibbins felt that extending to the east of the current cemetery would offer an opportunity to improve access.  It was resolved that Cllr Brown begins work on preparing a scheme with a view to obtaining costings to extend to the east of the cemetery but to keep our options open.
  3. Cemetery – memorial inspections – work to repair some headstones has already been completed and follow-up inspections need to be done. It was resolved to place this item on hold until after the winter.
  4. Allotments – the Annual Meeting of Allotment Tenants had taken place on Saturday, 19th November, apologies were given by Cllr Pollard. The Chairman reported that tenants had requested boot scrapers for both entrances to the allotments last year and it was resolved to obtain these.  Tenants had also requested the hedge on Allens Hill be cut back and it was resolved to issue an odd job order for this work.  Concern was raised about a fruit tree on an abandoned plot which appears rotten and it was resolved that a quote be sought for removing the tree.  The Clerk reported that 7 tenants have already paid online and a further 6 paid at the meeting.
  5. Allotments – maintenance works – reported that the noticeboards are to be put into position soon. It was noted that allotment tenants had asked that the plan to plant new hedging not proceed, as a wildflower area has now been established.


  1. Local environment.
  2. Highways – Cllr Foward proposed that a report [Appendix A] be accepted, this was seconded by Cllr Skittrall and agreed. Updates on the report – Highways will monitor the pavement in Harrold Road for movement; the pipe in Dag Lane will be jetted shortly; the pavement in Abbey Close urgently needs repairing; some areas in Bozeat may be micro asphalted; a hole in the pavement in Camden Square has not been attended to.  Noted that, following a resident’s complaint about overgrown shrubs in Little Close, North Northants Council have confirmed that they own and are responsible for the green in Little Close.
  3. Street Lights – it was resolved to check if the lights on New Path have been repaired.
  4. Parish Paths Warden/Rights of Way – no issues reported.
  5. Village Warden – no report this month.
  6. Village Green – prevention of unauthorised parking – a bollard has been installed on the Fish Alley entrance to the green, work to install a bollard on the London Road entrance couldn’t be done because a vehicle was parked on the area, contractors will return this week to complete the work.
  7. Village Green – provision of CCTV and two planters – it was agreed to move this to on-hold.
  8. BEES Group – to meet after this meeting.
  9. New litter bin for outside the village shop – the Clerk reported no reply to the letter sent to the shop owner. A North Northants Councillor had advised that a charge would be made to empty the existing bin more often and it was resolved to find out how much this would be.  It was noted that the bus shelter in London Road is attracting a lot more litter and it was resolved to contact the Community Police Officer and ask her to patrol the area.
  10. Planter sponsorship – no further contact received, agreed to remove this item from the agenda.


Page 2105 – 21st November 2022.


  1. St Mary’s Road verge – transfer of ownership – it was resolved that the Clerk should check the extent of the highways verge at this location and make contact with North Northants Council.


  1. Current/new planning applications – Cllr Skittrall proposed that a report [Appendix B] be accepted, this was seconded by Cllr Foward and agreed. Cllr Gibbins reported that activity at riding stables in Harrold Road had caused concern and he had spoken to North Northants Councillor Martin Griffiths who had referred the matter to the planning enforcement officer.
  2. New village hall – design and business plan – agreed to move this to on hold.


  1. Representatives’ reports.
  2. Bozeat Playing Field Association – Cllr Gibbins proposed that a report [Appendix C] be accepted, this was seconded by Cllr Skittrall and agreed. Cllr Gibbins reported that, due to increased energy costs, the fee for using the MUGA may need to be increased.  Annual accounts will be produced for the next meeting.  Cllr Docker asked that any requests for funding next year be produced in time for the council’s Annual Finance Meeting in January.
  3. Bozeat Primary School – no issues reported.
  4. JAG meetings – it was noted that these appear to have been combined with Police Liaison meetings and it was resolved to combine the agenda items.
  5. Police Liaison – Cllr Gibbins reported that he didn’t receive an invitation to the last meeting, which may have been cancelled at the last minute.
  6. Public transport – Cllr Pollard reported that a parked vehicle on double-yellow lines had caused issues with a bus recently, noted that illegal parking can be reported online, the Clerk to circulate the link to all members.
  7. NNC parish and ward meetings – noted that a ward meeting will take place on 29th November at Easton Maudit, the last meeting was cancelled as no agenda items were requested.
  8. Santa Pod Liaison – Cllr Skittrall to contact Santa Pod.
  9. Grow Green Together conference – noted that a report was circulated and agreed to remove this item from the agenda.


  1. Crimes – two crimes in Wollaston were reported since the last meeting.


  1. Local events.
    1. Purchase of a portable PA system for use at small public events – noted that it has proved difficult to pin down advice on the best equipment to purchase, however the council has permission to borrow some equipment.
    2. 11th/13th November 2022 – Remembrance Day/Remembrance Sunday – noted that good numbers attended both events. It was resolved to send letters of thanks to the Bozeat Branch of the Royal British Legion and the student who played the trumpet in church.
    3. 19th November 11am – Annual Meeting of Allotment Tenants at TLC – agreed to remove this item from the agenda.
    4. Village Events Working Party – Cllr Gibbins proposed that a report [Appendix D] be accepted, this was seconded by Cllr Docker and agreed. Cllr Duckles reported that he was concerned that the budget set aside for village events was not minuted and felt that this compromised accountability. It was noted that all members of the council receive a detailed report from the Clerk together with a spreadsheet which is used to calculate funds for each budget and the amount to be requested for the precept, these are not usually published.  Cllr Skittrall recommended that the amount set aside for each budget be included in the minutes of the Annual Finance Meeting, agreed.

Page 2106 – 21st November 2022


  1. 3rd December 2022 – Christmas Tree Lighting event – Cllr Gibbins reported that the tree will be delivered on 29th November and floodlights and a p.a. system will be provided for the lighting event. The Clerk reported that she has a stock of carol sheets.
  2. To consider organising a “Thank You” event for village volunteers – agreed to move to on hold.
  3. To consider organising a Meet the Village event – agreed to move to on hold.


  1. Parish Council logo.

Cllr Cooke proposed that the parish council logo be updated to be based on a design created by Cllr Pollard and this was agreed.  Cllrs Pollard and Cooke to create a Parish Council version of the design


  1. Appendices to the minutes [Appendix E].

The Clerk advised that not all reports need to be appendices to the minutes, only those where the council is taking action as a result of the contents, such as the Planning and Finance reports.  It was resolved not to include routine reports as appendices to the minutes such as the correspondence list unless they provide background to decisions made.


  1. Communicating with the public.

Cllr Skittrall reported that communicating with the public urgently had proved difficult at the time of the Accession, when details of events changed rapidly.  He noted a scheme implemented by a church to have a calling tree, where one person, telephones two people and they, in turn, telephone two people.  Residents might instead choose to join a mailing list for notifications.  GDPR would need to be considered with such schemes, consent forms would need to be issued.  Cllr Morris suggested holding parish council surgeries at the pub several times a year, it was noted that the public rarely attend council meetings.  It was agreed that, the next time a leaflet drop is organised, a form be added to the reverse of it asking for opinions.


  1. Finance
  2. Payments – Cllr Skittrall proposed that a report [Appendix F] be accepted, and the payments listed on it be approved. This was seconded by Cllr Gibbins and agreed.
  3. Funding of village events – the accountability of village events was discussed
  4. Village Warden – term of reference – a report [Appendix G] was accepted. Concern had been raised about the lack of detail on the routine reports and discussion followed on how the warden is utilised and his job description, noting that this had been created in 2015.  It was resolved that the terms of reference/job description be reviewed.


It was resolved to acknowledge receipt of correspondence received since the last meeting, as per Appendix H.


  1. On hold agenda items.
    1. Emergency Plan review.
    2. Audit of local council adopted policies and procedures.
    3. Verge mowing – season ended.


  1. Items for the next agenda.

None noted.


  1. Date and time of next meeting.

It was noted that the next meeting of Bozeat Parish Council will take place on Monday, 19th December 2022 at TLC, Dychurch Lane, Bozeat following Public Participation at 7pm.


Signed by the Chairman, 19th December 2022