Appendix G Village Warden’s Contract Report – November 2022

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Bozeat Parish Council decided to appoint a Village Warden in 2014 as a result of information provided by NorthantsCALC in one of their regular magazines.  At that time, the aim was to appoint someone to patrol the village, looking out for issues such as overgrown hedges/shrubs as well as reporting back any faulty street lights, potholes in the road and any issues which may need the attention of the Police.  It was intended that the Village Warden would also liaise with Neighbourhood Watch.

In February and March 2015 the appointment of a Village Warden appeared on the agenda for discussion and the meeting noted that the post had been advertised in two issues of Bozeat Matters but no-one had come forward.  Members of the council were encouraged to think about any village resident who might be able to take this on board and Cllr Cooke was asked to speak to a resident about the hours and role.

In May 2015 a job description for the Village Warden was agreed [see below].

In April 2016, the council minutes record that the council agreed to appoint a Village Warden, working up to 11 hours a month and Cllrs Cooke and Gibbins were asked to meet with a Bozeat resident and ask him about payment.  It was subsequently agreed not to employ the warden but to ask him to produce a monthly list of work done and hours worked.  The Warden has been sending this as an email and the text is converted into a report which is also used as an invoice.  Several years ago the Village Warden took on board the council’s annual village risk assessment which had been done by members of the council in the past.  He usually works 5 or 6 hours a month rather than the expected 11 and doesn’t submit a report/invoice if he hasn’t worked a minimum of 5 hours, adding the hours to the following month.



The village warden will work 10 hours a week.

The work schedule will involve approximately 1.5 / 2 hours per day corresponding with the needs of Bozeat Parish Council.

The holder of this position will be expected to work closely with organisations such as, Wellingborough Borough Council, Northamptonshire Police, Dog Warden, Bozeat Environment Care Group and Bozeat Parish Council.

The position will require that you can work individually, as part of a team and also write and present reports to Bozeat Parish Council.


  • To pick up unsafe rubbish within the village
  • To report persons for littering
  • To patrol green spaces and play areas to report of any defects
  • To report any parking issues to council / police
  • To report any dog-fouling (persons responsible) or areas of particular problems to the Dog Warden
  • To report any crime, vandalism, anti social behavior to the local Police
  • To report any damage / issues of dog bins, litter bins, public furniture, signage, graffiti to the council