Appendix F Asset Mapping Report – June 2022

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The project is being funded by the Government’s Levelling Up fund and is being delivered by NorthantsCALC in conjunction with both North Northants and West Northants Councils.

The project is designed to clearly identify assets and services that are owned or provided by the unitary authorities.

Bozeat Parish Council agreed to take part in the project and has received a grant of £349.94 towards any additional costs incurred, the Clerk has claimed 5 additional hours of work to date and has completed a further hour which will be claimed for next month.


The assets being recorded are listed under the following headings: –

  • Land [without buildings]
  • Land [with buildings]
  • Building only
  • Street Furniture.

We have been asked to include any Community Assets that have already been registered with either the Borough Council or the Unitary Council and any Community Assets that are in the process of being registered or the Parish Council is likely to have registered in the future.

We have been asked not to include any assets or services that either belong to or are delivered by the Parish Council.

Assets and Services are recorded on a map of the village.

Each Asset and Service has to be assigned a level of importance to the local community – I have recorded most of them as “vitally important” on the advice of the project co-ordinator.


  • All the grit bins that are the responsibility of NNC.
  • The 4 village approach gateways.
  • Street Lighting [we were advised to list one light and then report an estimate of how many others are the responsibility of NNC – I reported around 120 lights].
  • The Playing Field and Church Hall as Community Assets and the Red Lion as a Community Asset requested but not yet registered.
  • The School, Doctor’s Surgery, Queen Street garages and Village Shop as Community Assets not yet registered.
  • Land potentially belonging to NNC – paddock in between the two sections of Easton Lane; the green area in Little Close; land at the top of St Mary’s Road.
  • Land considered important open spaces – Glebe Field [London Road]; Orchid Field [Harrold Road].
  • Urban footways not on the Definitive Map – Bull Close to Fullwell Road; Mill Road to Easton Lane.
  • Public Rights of Way shown on the Definitive Map, including urban footways – New Path, Court Lane, Peartree Close.
  • Household waste collection service.
  • Litter and dog bin emptying service.
  • Highways repairs and maintenance service.
  • Street Lighting provision and maintenance service.


We were asked to upload as much as possible before the end of May but the project runs until 25th June.  I feel that we have recorded as much as we can within the timeframe.  In order to provide a full record of assets we would need to physically walk around the village and identify everything that is NNC property.

  • Highway signs.
  • Street nameplates.
  • All street lights belonging to NNC.
  • Street nameplates
  • Stopped up highways [Easton Lane and Wollaston Road].
  • Verges
  • Any services I’ve missed!


The Parish Council has up to 6 months free usage of Parishes Online [expires September 2022], but the council might feel it could be a useful service to record assets that belong to Bozeat Parish Council such as the allotments, cemetery, village green, Town Well as well as all the public seats, planters and the street lights and grit bins that remain our responsibility.  At present, I do keep spreadsheets listing these items but Parishes Online could be used to enable access to the information without use of a specific computer, which might be useful in the case of loss of equipment or total equipment failure.  Parishes Online could also be useful tool for the Emergency Plan, we could record landmarks and places of safety as well as recording areas vulnerable to flooding etc.  The annual subscription to the service would be £124.80.