Appendix E Playing Field Report – June 2022

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Playing Field Report June 2022                                                            APPENDIX E


The playing field looks reasonably healthy at the moment although the car park potholes are getting worse and now becoming a hazard.  Grants to extend and resurface the car park are being followed but prospects for this sort of improvement seem difficult to source.

The Village Fete will be held on Saturday August 27 and it is hoped that all Councillors will be able to assist particularly on the day.  We are also in discussions with Bozeat School who are looking to hold a fund raiser with Children’s Circus in Summer 2023.

Recently the Pavilion has provided alternative accommodation for some groups from the Oakfield Home at Easton Maudit while some refurbishments were being undertaken.

The Charity Shop continues the run successfully on Saturday mornings providing useful funding for the playing field.


Apart from Saturday casual plyers football matches have ended for the season although some training sessions continue.  Some repairs to the goal mouths have been undertaken.

An application for a Grant to replace the middle pitch goal posts will be made shortly.


The MUGA continues to be well used. After some difficulty with communications we now have a promise that repairs to the damaged fence and a full maintenance of the carpet surface will commence in the next couple of weeks. This maintenance will be carried out as part of a 3 year agreement to be confirmed with the installer Fosse.

Outdoor Gym

The equipment is used regularly and the suppliers recently repaired one unit under warranty. They have also been asked to look and two other minor areas that although they would appear to be only cosmetic do need checking. If found to be cosmetic only touch-up paint will be used to repair by us.


Following the Inspectors report some repairs need to be undertaken on the equipment and ground area. This has been looked at with R&G who do have a ROSPA qualified Inspector on their staff and we await a quote for the necessary work.

Skateboard Ramp

The resurfacing works have now been completed and two inspections have been carried out with the Contractor. The Contractor is also happy to meet with Councillors at the ramp to discuss any aspects of the work carried out if they contact him. The plywood surfacing sheets have not been coated as in the opinion of the Contractor, an experienced Skateboarder himself, the untreated surface provides a much better ride for the skateboards, although not so good for small children using it as a slide.  If it is a wish to treat the surface he would recommend only a single coat of a good wood preservative diluted is all that should be used. Any heavier treatment will create a slicker surface detracting from the ride quality. Again, he will be happy to discuss this with any councillors who wish.