Appendix E Playing Field Report – August 2022

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Playing Field Report August 2022                                                                 APPENDIX E


The playing field grass is looking very parched at the moment and really in need of some rain. The car park potholes remain a problem, and grants to extend and resurface the car park are being followed but prospects for this sort of improvement seem difficult to source.

The Village School held its Sports day last month for which provided the line markings for races and allowed use of the MUGA.

The Village Fete will be held on Saturday August 27 and it is hoped that all Councillors will be able to assist particularly on the day.

The Charity Shop continues the run successfully on Saturday mornings providing useful funding for the playing field and two regular helpers have recently volunteered who are a great help.


Apart from Saturday casual players football matches have ended for the season although some training sessions continue.


The MUGA continues to be well used.  The first of the annual maintenance visits was made recently and although the playing surface now looks very good we are questioning if the full maintenance schedule as agreed was carried out. However we still await repairs to the damaged fence to be carried out which is scheduled for this month.

 Outdoor Gym

A problem has occurred with one of the pieces of equipment that would appear to be due to the exceptionally dry ground conditions. The equipment has been taped off for now, awaiting to see if rainfall will resolve the problem or until we can resolve.


We have received a Quotation from Roads & Grounds to repair the trip hazards noted in the recent Inspection Report (Quote attached) and I would propose that the PC accepts this quote. Other minor repairs will be undertaken by the Village Warden assisted by committee members where needed. One item of equipment was removed as it was deemed unrepairable and a replacement will be sought and proposal to purchase brought to the Council.

Skateboard Ramp

Nothing new to report

Other Amenities

We have received several comments about the lack of seating at the Playing Field, there are none apart from 2 benches in the Playground and these were mentioned in the Inspectors report as the wooden legs are rotting.  We would therefore like to request the Council to provide funds for up to 5 new benches to replace the 2 in the playground and provide 3 others around the field. With guidance from Norse, through Martin Griffiths, we have identified the Deeside seat from Broxap as a suitable choice. Priced at £495.