Appendix D Village Wardens Report – September 2022

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BOZEAT PARISH COUNCIL                                                                                                                               

VILLAGE WARDEN’S REPORT – SEPTEMBER 2022                      APPENDIX D                                                                                              


Tasks completed since the last report was submitted: –



  • Reported to Fix my Street Ref. No: 3763456 – overhanging Russian Vine and brambles at the bottom of Allens Hill obstructing pathway. Job completed.


  • Reported to Fix my Street Ref. No: 3742683 – overhanging tree and bushes, obstructing vision of traffic coming down Church Lane. In my opinion the job has been done but not enough.


  • Went to look at bushes on the corner of Harrold Road/Church Lane after someone approached me regarding obstructing vision when coming out of Harrold Road. I went to talk to the resident of the said property they assured me they would cut it back. They have cut some of it back.


  • Adjusted a water trough at the allotment so it wasn’t overflowing.


  • Usual checks around the village.


Approximate 6 hours.