Appendix D Village Events Working Party Report – November 2022

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BOZEAT PARISH COUNCIL                                                                          APPENDIX D




Information about the Village Events Working Party, when the group was set up and their remit was requested at the Parish Council meeting in October 2022.


The current Working Party

The current Village Events Working Party comprises Dan Cooke; Margaret Docker; Brian Gibbins and Brian Skittrall, and incorporated the Platinum Jubilee Working Party.  The list of Roles and Responsibilities was presented at the May meeting, following the elections and the minutes record that several amendments were required/requested – I removed those former members of the council who had not been re-elected from the list and made any amendments that current members requested.  In order to reduce the length of the agenda and minutes for the May meeting, it was agreed a few years ago to consider all roles and responsibilities en bloc rather than have each listed separately, which had been the previous procedure.


Terms of Reference

The following is included in the current Policies File: –

“The working party will look to enhance the village environment through the organisation of community events and the improvement of amenities.

The working party will oversee the organisation and provision of a Christmas Tree, including a public switching on of the lights.  The group will liaise with village organisations, businesses and individuals, and organise the timely advertising of the event to ensure it is well supported.

Health and safety laws will be observed at all times and, where necessary, advice may be sought from any relevant agencies.”



Christmas Lights – the council has provided a Christmas Tree for a number of years and has, occasionally, held a small Christmas Fayre or paid for a brass band to play carols when the tree lights are switched on.

Summer Fete – In March 2021, the council agreed to jointly host a Summer Fete at the Playing Field with BPFA, as this would mark 50 years since the Playing Field had been provided.  The success of the fete led the council to agree to jointly hold another Summer Fete in 2022. No events had been held for 2 years previous to this due to the pandemic, and the Summer Fete prior to then had been a much smaller affair held on the Village Green and organised solely by the Parish Council.

Other events held in recent years include the 100th anniversary of the start and end of WW1 and the Platinum Jubilee for HM Queen Elizabeth II.



The council set up a designated Village Events budget in 2017 and has earmarked funds from the precept each year for any events that the council wished to provide or support. The council has the power to spend monies from this budget using the LGA 1972 section 137 “on purposes for the direct benefit of its area, or all or some of its inhabitants”.  At the Annual Finance Meeting in January 2022 it was agreed to set aside a budget of £500 for Village Events for the next financial year and a further £500 was provided through residual funds, a balance of £375.82 remained in the budget on 1st April 2022 so the total budget available for the financial year was £1375.82.  At the time of writing this report a total of £1088.41 has been spent from the budget, leaving a balance of £413.68 – the Platinum Jubilee cost £583.72, the Summer Fete cost £420.53 with £84.16 being set against the Christmas Lights because this is the monthly electricity charge to the box on the Village Green.  There will be a further 4 electricity invoices to come and the Christmas Tree usually costs around £150 so there should be sufficient funds within the budget to cover expected costs to the end of March 2023.