Appendix D Planning Report – June 2022

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  • Granted Applications
Reference No. For Date granted
NW/22/00216&7 Manor Farm, rear porch & conversion of outbuilding to residential 27/5


  • Refused/Withdrawn Applications
Reference No. For Date refused


  • Pending Applications
Reference No. For


NW/22/00321 Nene Milling, 40 homes and village hall  


  • New Applications
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NW/22/00311 Bozeat School, permanent permission for modular building Comments sent
NW/21/00592 Dungee Corner, appeal of refusal of new dwelling Comments by 18/7
NW/22/00436 Manor Farm, new windows and repairs Not yet notified


  • NW/22/00321 Nene Milling site, 40 homes plus a village hall

An application for change of use for the Nene Milling site which provides 40 homes and a village hall.  The developer has requested that we send a letter detailing the need for a village hall.


  • NW/22/00311 Bozeat School, permanent permission for the modular building

An application to change the permission for the modular building at the school from temporary to permanent.


Comments sent:

This building is essential to the early years provision at the village school and there is no clear alternative for residents should this building no longer be available.  The original permission was granted for use by a group separate from the school, but it is now integrated into the school making it more appropriate for permanent permission to be granted.


The building has proved to be durable and been well maintained and improved over its life.  It has already been in use for three times the original permission but is still in good condition and would appear to be able to remain fit for purpose for some years to come.


  • NW/22/00436 Manor Farm, listed consent for windows and repairs

A listed building application for a number of maintenance and improvements including replacement windows.


  • NW/21/00592 Dungee Corner, appeal against the refusal of new dwelling

An appeal against the refusal of the application for a new dwelling in the orchard of the house at Dungee Corner.


Suggested comments:

Bozeat Parish Council objected to this proposal not just because we consider that it does not meet the criteria set out in paragraph 80(e) of the current NPPF and Policy 13 of the JCS, but we also have safety concerns about the entrance to the site given its location so close to a junction where accidents have occurred.


As we noted in our previous response, we do not feel that the proposal significantly enhances its immediate setting and consider that it would detract from it for the reasons given in the Officer’s Report.  Even the LIA submitted by the applicant is luke warm about its positive impact rating it at best as moderate in some views and certainly not significant.


Our safety concerns were set out in our response to the LPA which is appended below.  We feel that it is important to consult Bedford Borough Council’s Highways regarding the safety of the site entrance because they have recently felt it necessary to add safety features to the Dungee Corner junction following accidents there.


Although we believe that the appeal should be dismissed; should the appeal be allowed we recommend that the safety issues are mitigated by moving the site entrance further away from the junction by installing signage to alert road users to the possibility of vehicles turning into or out of the site.


Our response to LPA for this scheme was:


The Parish Council consider that this application is not significantly different from the previously refused application (reference WP/20/00648) and it does not address the concerns raised in our objection.  The comments raised on the previous application therefore apply equally to this application and are:


We are particularly concerned about the safety of access onto Harrold Road in such close proximity to the Dungee Corner junction.  The national speed limit applies on Harrold Road which is a road where the police regularly set a speed trap, particularly when Santa Pod holds events.  Because of the frequency of accidents at the junction Bedford Borough Council has recently implemented additional safety measures and we consider that it is important that they are included in the consultation for this application.


As a consequence of these factors we suggest that should the application be granted permission, the access should be altered so that it is moved as far away as possible from the Dungee Corner junction.  We also suggest that a new road sign be installed prior to the new access to warn drivers that there is a left hand driveway where vehicles may access/egress.  Both measures will alert following traffic and mitigate any confusion that may occur by the new left hand turn prior to the Junction.


Safety aside we do not consider that the scheme meets the criteria to qualify under Policy 13 of the JCS and paragraph 79 of the NPPF.  This requires that design should:

  • Be truly outstanding or innovative, helping to raise standards of design more generally in rural areas;
  • Reflect the highest standards in architecture;
  • Significantly enhance its immediate setting; and
  • Be sensitive to the defining characteristics of the local area.


We feel that this proposal fails to significantly enhance its immediate setting and note that although the applicant’s Landscape Impact Assessment states in its conclusion that there would be significant beneficial change to the landscape as a result of the scheme, this is not supported by the contents of the report which at best finds a moderate positive impact in some circumstances.


The Inspector at the appeal of the previous application (WP/16/00670) found that that scheme “would prevent rather than allow worthwhile glimpses of the meadow beyond” and we feel that the same would be the case with the building, gates and boundary treatments proposed in this scheme.


We also feel that despite taking themes from more distant buildings, the scheme is at odds with the character of the nearby host property.  The LIA does not assess the relationship between these two buildings.