Appendix D BEES Group Report – July 2022

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BEES (Bozeat Environmental and Ecological Supporters) REPORT


JULY 2022                                                                                                    APPENDIX D


The purpose of the group is to help Bozeat become environmentally friendly. “Making Bozeat Better”. The group has met a couple of times with productive discussions but will not meet in July due to busy social schedules (not mine!)


Ideas we have discussed include.


  1. Key themes to be:
    1. Make it fun and motivate people
    2. Have short, medium and long term goals
    3. Show people the benefit without preaching
    4. Where possible have a money-saving angle
    5. “SMART” goals so specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. So for example not trying to fix the whole world in one go…
  2. Discussion about how open people are to change – if we can manage this then the rest could be straightforward. Agreed that a standalone education session might not work and that there might need to be different messages for different age groups and so forth
  3. Agree the following actions to be taken:
    1. Seed balls for the Jubilee
    2. Contact local providers of services to see if they can assist on refilling etc. specifically
      1. Roy to contact telephone exchange in Wellingborough
      2. Will to contact refill van
  • Will to contact refill shop in Wellingborough, Roy the one in Olney
  1. Other options for the future to include Mick George, Castle Ashby and similar
  2. “UK’s first ever 100% environmentally friendly fete”. Try to ensure all village events are as green as possible, but aim for the fetes, shows and picnics to be totally friendly. Roy and Alison to liaise with organisers
  3. Have a year of making Bozeat better, 10% gains etc. Possibly a monthly or more likely quarterly theme. Initial focus to be reducing bottled water usage. Possible long-term plan could be water fountain in village. Short-term perhaps something at the fete “water taste test”. Have a flier that focuses upon the cost saving, perhaps linked to alternatives. Will to draft ideas for kick-off
  4. Garage/lawn “come and get it.” Have a day where the village can put stuff on lawns and all can collect if they want it. Perhaps make it a village event. See if Mick George/Emmaus could collect surplus. Make sure no clash with the playing fields Saturday sale
  5. Revitalise ideas for wildlife areas and wildflower areas as investigated last summer
  6. Support efforts to manage and reduce Santa Pod traffic

Will Morris 12th July 2022