Appendix C Parish Action Plan Report January 2022

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Parish Plan Action Plan Report – January 2022

The original action plan was produced as part of the Bozeat Village Plan produced in 2009.

The action plan is reviewed annually.


The Youth Club was started but folded again in 2014.

Before/After School Clubs are running at the school.

No cold calling signs – these were not supported by Northamptonshire County Council.

Formation of Neighbourhood Action Group – a group is running.

Improved lighting – street lights in Harrold Road were upgraded in 2021.


Electronic speed sign – this was purchased in 2016.

Entrances to the village – planters, gateways and new signs provided.


Pocket Park – the County Council no longer provides grants for Pocket Parks [Town Well was being considered as a suitable site].

Additional Litter Bins – provided as and when required.

Dog Bins – provided as and when required.

Bottle Banks – no longer required due to glass recycling service operated by the Borough Council.

Town Well refurbishment – this project was completed in 2020.

Community Warden – a Village Warden was appointed.

Street Lighting – project to upgrade lights completed in 2021.


Parish Council information – website due to be migrated to an accessibility-compliant version shortly.