Appendix C Highways Report February 2022

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Appendix C Highways Report February 2022.

Street Doctor Headline

Two new street doctor reports raised during this period; No. 111 and 112.  Three reports have been closed No. 110, 111 and 112. The following remain open and continue to be monitored Boz 69, 82, 96, 98, 99, 100, 101, 103 to 108.

Damage to verges by roofing contractor

The photographs below, are an example, of the extensive damage done to the verges along Queen St and Mill Rd. by a roofing contractor who is currently refurbishing the roofs on a number of properties, either for the hosing association or Wellingborough Council.  Awaiting completion of roofing works to see if repairs are carried out to the verge.










The current position with the matters raised with NNC representative is as follows:

  • Traffic calming and 20mph speed limit along Harold Rd.

We are currently preparing a proposal to be submitted to NNC Council for static 20mph signs and road markings. The drawings were submitted to the Parish Council for review/comment at the November meeting and approved by the Parish Council to submit to North Northampton Council by Brian Skittrall. It was agreed at the meeting that this would be raised at the forthcoming meeting of Parish Councils on the 25th January 22.  This was raised at the Parish’s Council meeting and will be raised with Northamptonshire Highways.


On going works yet to be completed

  • NCC will install a reflective road sign at the corner of Church Lane and Mile Street. Order Placed. Not installed yet. No change during this period. Discussed at the Parish’s Council meeting on 25th Jan 22 who will raise with Highways.
  • The pavement is due to be lower at the corner of Harrold Rd and Church Lane; order placed and work has been programmed. No change during this period. Discussed at the Parish’s Council meeting on 25th Jan 22 who will raise with Highways.
  • Look to install yellow no parking lines at the corner of Allen Hill and Harrold Rd. To be added to next years install programme, we will need to mark up where we would like the intended no parking lines to be placed along Church Lane and Harrold Rd. Submission made, awaiting determination; this could take up to 18 months to complete. Awaiting determination. Again this was raised at the Parish’s Council meeting and we have requested that this be done sooner than previously reported.


  • Dag Lane drain cover lifting during heavy down pours.


Continue to pressure highways to unblock the drain.


  • Discussion with NCC Highways representative

Notes and response from meeting with Ben Wright held on the 20th January 22.

  1. Dag Lane drain has been partially unblocked. Highways to let me know when next they intend to carry out further work so I can have a look during the works. The surrounding Tarmac to be repaired once the root bole, obstructing the pipe, is cut away. Response – I have a couple of weeks of night shifts coming up, but plan to visit ASAP with our drainage engineer to look at permanent solutions. I’ll keep you updated with any proposals and plans for works.  (I’ve suggested to Ben that we meet up with the land owner so that they have the opportunity to be involved in the decision making process). Further response from Highways – We will hold an initial site meeting at Dag Lane with our team as we may be able to design a solution that involves excavation in the highway only (i.e.: abandon the existing pipe and design a different engineering solution).  Response from Highways: I’ll forward over details once I have them. I spoke with the drainage engineer on my way back from Bozeat and he has requested that I place an order for a new piece of equipment they have at their disposal for one last attempt to clear the root mass in the pipe before we start to design an invasive (ie: excavation) solution.  


  1. We also looked at a section of pavement, which needs to be clear of soil creep, running up the left hand side from the junction of Allens Hill and London Rd’s.  Response – Firm date TBC, although have requested pre-Christmas completion from programming team.  Response from Highways: This one is due for completion by the end of February.


  1. NCC will look to undertake minor pruning of the tree at the junction of London and Mill Rd’s; areas above the pavements they do not see this as a priority. Work not yet started.  Response from Highways: The works order is due for completion no later than 11th March, so it will be completed before our next meeting, but likely much sooner than that.
  2. Thermal unit works:


  1. Hensmans Lane work to commence within the next four weeks. Response from Highways:
  2. Queen Street initial works to be under taken at the same time as Hensmans Lane works. Response from Highways:
  3. Bull Close works to be marked up for repair. Response from Highways: I’ve checked this one and Bull Close is private and not adopted by Northamptonshire Highways so we are unable to undertake any repairs. The link footway to Fullwell Road is adopted only from the very end of Bull Close.


  1. NNC to review the roads in Bozeat before October this year for surface dressing; for inclusion in next year’s, 2022 programme of works. Highways have put the suggested sites forward to the team responsible for surface treatments and will have a programme around October-time. It must be noted that these sites aren’t guaranteed for inclusion in the programme and will be ranked alongside other recommended sites across North Northamptonshire.  Provide feed back on whether Bozeat roads are to be sealed. 

Response – Still awaiting firm programme from the team responsible and will update as soon as I have confirmation. No change.

  1. All the drains in Bozeat to be inspected and where necessary cleaned out by the end of November. Response – The team are currently running around 4-6 weeks behind their schedule with routine gully cleansing meaning this is likely to slip into December, however I’ll keep you updated with any changes. Response from Highways: I’ve chased this with our supply chain partner as the gullies on all of the side streets were last cleansed in April 2021, however the main road haven’t been cleansed since May 2020. I’ve requested that these main road gullies are cleansed as a matter of urgency and will update on this one as I get information back from the team responsible.
  2. To trim the trees along Wollaston Rd 3rdNov 21.  Response – I took a look at these and it was a little too extensive for my snips and the small van so we have raised a works order for them to be trimmed alongside the existing order to cut back the vegetation that is affecting cars travelling north along Wollaston Road. Response from Highways: The works order is due for completion no later than 11th March, so it will be completed before our next meeting, but likely much sooner than that.
  3. Reinstate bicycle sign half way along court lane. Response – We do have an order in place for replacement of the damaged sign post – we’ll have this sorted prior to the Christmas break. Response from Highways:  This will be replaced before the end of March.
  4. Light on the yield sign at the corner of Allens Hill and London Rds. not functions first reported on fix my street report No. 3138813. This sign is not indicated under street signs within fix my street and therefore is difficult to report a fault and clear over grown foliage. Can this please be added. Light to be reported via Balfour Beatty Ben Wright to forward details. Response from Highways: Contact Balfour Beatty direct here:

As suggested I have raised this on lighting Northamptonshire portal.

  1. Additional areas along Queen Street to be marked up for thermal unit to repair. Response from Highways: Correct – as discussed we’ll chip away at Queen Street during spring/summer 2022.
  2. Pot hole on Harrold Rd. Emergency repair arrange while on site with Ben Wright; to be undertaken within the next couple of days. Response from Highways: Emergency repair will be completed today, followed up by a permanent repair at a later date.
  3. School sign at the corner of Dychurch Lane and Mile Street to be installed; (Ian Boyes undertaking). Response from Highways:
  4. Lowering of the pavement curb at the corner of Dychurch Lane and Harrold Road; date to be provided to undertake this work; (Ian Boyes undertaking). Response from Highways:

Skateboard ramp resurfacing:

Additional quote received from Kingramp to install high grade treated plywood. To be drilled, countersunk and screwed into place. Parish Council to make a decision on repair on receipt of second quotation. Second verbal quotation received awaiting written copy. Due to weather consideration the award of the works to refurbish the skate board ramp and decision as to who is to undertake the work to be made March 22.


New items during the reporting month will be highlighted in red on the Highways Tracking Spreadsheet.

Will continue to monitor Street Doctor to ensure works are undertaken as stated and report any changes to time frame for delivery.

Would request that Parish Council members provide me with any concerns they may have that require to be raised on Street Doctor.


The report captures all Street Doctor submissions up to and including the cut off date 14th February 22 that I’m aware of; if I’ve missed any please let me know and I will add to the spreadsheet.