Appendix C BEES Group Report – August 2022

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BEES Update for Bozeat PC Meeting Monday 15th August 2022                 APPENDIX C


BEES met on Monday 8th August (Margaret, Alison, Brian S and Will), agreeing the following points:


  1. To meet in the future on the first Monday of each month at 7pm, beginning Monday 5th Venue to rotate, rolling agenda to be drafted by Will
  2. Propose to the PC that all decisions and events held under the auspices of the PC consider environmental/ecological issues as part of the decision-making process. For example:
    1. Planning decisions
    2. Flower show, Fete, Christmas lights and similar to be as environmentally friendly as possible
    3. Proposal for new village hall to be environmentally friendly and “future proofed” where possible
  3. Conduct a review of all activities carried out in the village so we have an overall view of the good work being done (Will to plan)
  4. Brown bin payments – this seems to have been postponed at the most recent North Northants meeting. Some concern was expressed that if there is a specific itemised payment then some residents may opt out, particularly given cost of living challenges. It was proposed that we ask our N Northants councillors to oppose any specific brown bin charge.
  5. We would like the PC to consider making 2023 the “Bozeat year of the environment”, with quarterly initiatives to promote the theme
  6. Would it be possible to ask/speak to the school regarding getting children involved in the above?
  7. Electric vehicle charging. Could the PC consider having EV charging points in the allocated hall parking and charging for it, thereby both generating funds and providing an environmental service?
  8. We discussed litter in the village and where it comes from. Is there actually that much “litter bugging” or are the main causes:
    1. Spillage from bins on collection day
    2. Cars leaving rubbish
    3. Focussed rubbish around social gatherings in fields etc?
  9. Noted that there seems to be a lot of broken glass around this week, both on Mile Street and Easton Road
  10. Agreed to restart the “wild areas” review. Meeting on Friday 12th to walk the village to review verges/patches of land which could be seeded and/or left to grow. Not easy to develop wild flower areas plus some residents may prefer neat and tidy, but bee friendly flowers areas also an option.