Appendix B Highways Report – July 2022

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HIGHWAYS REPORT – JULY 2022                                                        APPENDIX B

Street Doctor Headline

No new street doctor reports raised during this period.  Report numbers 114 and 118 have been closed. The following remain open and continue to be monitored Boz 99 and 116.

The current position with the matters raised with NNC representative is as follows:

  • Traffic calming and 20mph speed limit along Harold Rd.

Estimate received from Ian Boyes; in excess of £22k for Installation of (VDS) signs. Quote from Ian Boyes email as follows:  “We have however given further thought to some low cost measures for Harrold Road that I can fund from my Small Works budget.  To highlight the presence of the school area I’m happy to arrange for some of the “dragons teeth” road markings to go down at the start of the 30mph speed limit on Harrold Road, some similar markings have recently been installed on the approach to Little Harrowden and seem to be quite effective and are illustrated below.  We can also arrange for the existing reflective “School” sign on Harrold Road and Allens Hill to be replaced with a yellow backed “hi visibility” sign to make them stand out more (an example of a yellow backed sign is shown below).  We can also install some additional “SLOW” road markings next to the school warning signs and the existing VDS sign to act as an additional reminder to drivers to reduce their speed.”  I would suggest that this is the best we are going to achieve and we should accept the offer. Request made to Ian Boyes to install, as per email; road markings and signs so described. No change.


  • Ongoing works yet to be completed
  • The pavement is due to be lower at the corner of Harrold Rd and Church Lane; order placed and work has been programmed. No change during this period. Response from Ben Wright; work to be carried out over a week end.  Ian Boyes confirmed that the kerb lowering at the corner of Church Ln. and Harrold Rd. is to be undertaken during the school summer holidays. No change,
  • Look to install yellow no parking lines at the corner of Allen Hill and Harrold Rd. To be added to next years’ install programme, we will need to mark up where we would like the intended no parking lines to be placed along Church Lane and Harrold Rd. Submission made, awaiting determination; this could take up to 18 months to complete. Awaiting determination. Again, this was raised at the Parish’s Council meeting and we have requested that this be done sooner than previously reported. No change during this period. Notification received 12th April 2022 to install no parking double yellow lines. No change.


  • Discussion with NCC Highways representative

Notes from meeting with Ben Wright held on the 1th June 2022.

  1. Thermal unit works: Road markings to Hensmans Lane have been reinstated.
  2. Additional areas along Queen St and Allens Hill identified for thermal road repair.
  3. NNC to review the roads in Bozeat before October this year for surface dressing; for inclusion in next year’s, 2022 programme of works. Highways have put the suggested sites forward to the team responsible for surface treatments and will have a programme around October-time. It must be noted that these sites aren’t guaranteed for inclusion in the programme and will be ranked alongside other recommended sites across North Northamptonshire.  Provide feedback on whether Bozeat roads are to be sealed. Response – Still awaiting firm programme from the team responsible and will update as soon as I have confirmation. No change.
  4. Light on the yield sign at the corner of Allens Hill and London Road. not functions first reported on fix my street report No. 3138813. This sign is not indicated under street signs within fix my street and therefore is difficult to report a fault and clear over grown foliage. Can this please be added. Light to be reported via Balfour Beatty Ben Wright to forward details. Response from Highways: Contact Balfour Beatty direct here: Response: Yield sign to be completely replaced.  Trees around Yield Sign to be cleared by Highways before the sign can be replaced.  An order has been placed to remove two meters of hedge at the corner of Allens Hill and London Rds. to facilitate replacement of the yield sign. No change
  5. Forward details as to when the repairs to potholes along Fullwell Rd. are to be undertaken. Work completed
  6. Pavement areas along Abbey Close and the corner of Queen Street and Easton Lane have been identified for repair. No change.