Appendix A Planning Report – October 2023

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  • Granted Applications
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  • Refused/Withdrawn Applications
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NW/22/00321 Nene Milling, 40 homes and village hall Comments sent
NW/23/00618 87B London Road, new layout without garage Comments sent


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NW/23/00638 Land adj 2 Council Street, new dwelling Comments by 29/10


  • NW/23/00638, Land adj 2 Council Street

This is resubmission of WP/20/00551 which proposed to attach a 2-bedroom house to 2 Council Street because the permission has expired.  4 off-road spaces are proposed for the two dwellings, but it does not appear to be specified how these would be divided.



Proposed response:

The Parish Council are concerned that the proposal does not appear to specify the distribution of the parking between the existing and proposed dwellings.  We would prefer there to be on-site provision of parking to meet the standard rather than relying on on-street parking because this could be achieved.  We are particularly concerned about relying on on-street parking because the parking survey was carried out during the school summer holidays when fewer vehicles than normal would be present and so is unlikely to be truly representative of normal conditions.


  • NW/23/00618, 87B London Road, removal of garage and design change

Comments sent:

The Parish Council objects to the loss of a potential parking space for this off-road development because the nearest roads (London Road and Hewletts Close) are already congested.


This may be a moot point because we understand that there may be legal constraints that mean that there is no legal vehicular access to the plot and that it may not be possible to fulfil Condition 7 of the original application (WP/16/00430) which requires surfacing work on land over which the ownership is not under the control of the owner of the plot.


  • WP/2008/0179, access to the new turning head at the top of Hope Street

A further email has been sent to the officer who is handling this with copies to the councillors.