Appendix A Planning Report – May 2023

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REPORT FROM THE PLANNING GROUP – May 2023                     APPENDIX A


  • Granted Applications
Reference No.ForDate granted
NW/23/0008530 Dychurch Lane, solar panels & air source heat pump26/4
NW/23/001645 Dag Lane, replacement windows12/5


  • Refused/Withdrawn Applications
Reference No.ForDate refused


  • Pending Applications
Reference No.For


NW/23/0016823-25 High Street, convert offices to flatsComments sent
NW/22/00321Nene Milling, 40 homes and village hallComments sent


  • New Applications
Reference No.For


NW/23/0022930 Dychurch Lane, garage/hobby roomComments by 21/5


  • NW/22/00321, Nene Milling redevelopment


Comments have been sent and a meeting has proposed by the agents.


Comments sent:

As we stated in our previous response, Bozeat Parish Council would not normally support development such as this which lies beyond the village boundary but in this case we consider that the benefit of providing the village with a fully funded new village hall outweighs our usual concerns.  However, we think that the proposal could be improved and have the following comments on the modified design.

  1. We welcome the affordable/shared ownership homes and would request that a condition or legal agreement is attached to the permission requiring that they should be prioritised for families with a local connection.
  2. It is not entirely clear whether the front or rear elevation of the apartment block faces onto London Road. In order for it to be in keeping with the street scene on London Road the simpler rear elevation should face onto London road since it is more in keeping with the converted factory opposite the site since together these buildings will form a gateway to the village.  We actually preferred the previous design of the apartment block because it was more in keeping with the classic design of a shoe factory.
  3. The proposed parking provision is below standard and we would like to see more provision, particularly of visitor spaces which are more flexible. If additional spaces cannot be achieved this could be mitigated by removing permitted development rights from all garages so that spaces are not lost.  Also, as happened in Bosgate Close, permitted development rights should be removed for any conversions and extensions that would create additional accommodation to prevent additional demand.
  4. The potential odour issues are a concern but we lack the expertise to comment upon them. Of particular concern are any implications for the use of the LEAP which is proposed within the highest odour zone.

We have contacted the developer and are in the process of arranging a meeting to discuss the following changes relating to the village hall:

  1. We would like the village hall to be located nearer to the road in order to maximise the usable amenity space behind the hall. This was also suggested by Place Services.
  2. We would seek changes to the village hall design to better reflect the predominantly social uses and also to improve its environmental impact.
  3. We would seek to arrange publicly available EV charging points on the village hall site.



  • WP/2008/0179, access to the new turning head at the top of Hope Street

No response to date, another chasing email has been sent.


  • NW/23/00229, 30 Dychurch Lane, garage/hobby room

A timber garage/hobby room is proposed in the garden of the property.

The original garage at the field end of the house was given permission for conversion into a utility room under WP/15/00182.  This application seeks proposes a timber garage to replace it near the rear right-hand corner of the plot.

A concern is that the proposed design would not be in keeping with the surrounding buildings. This not helped by the door design and the fact that they would face the road.