Appendix A Planning Report – March 2023

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REPORT FROM THE PLANNING GROUP – March 2023                             APPENDIX A


  • Granted Applications
Reference No.ForDate granted
NW/23/00056Manor Farm, installation of EV point8/3


  • Refused/Withdrawn Applications
Reference No.ForDate refused


  • Pending Applications
Reference No.For


NW/22/00321Nene Milling, 40 homes and village hallComments sent
NW/23/00051IWC redevelopment of outbuildings/WCNo comments sent
NW/23/000551A St Marys Road additional parkingNo comments sent
NW/23/0008530 Dychurch Lane, solar panels & air source heat pumpNo comments sent


  • New Applications
Reference No.For


NW/23/001642 Dag Lane, replacement windowsComments by 8/2


  • NW/23/00056/LBC, Manor Farm 7 Dychurch – installation

A proposal to install an EV charging point.  The point location was changed to be on the side elevation and it was confirmed with the officer that this was a better solution.


  • NW/23/00164/LBC, 5 Dag Lane – replacement windows

A proposal to replace existing windows with wooden double glazed units.


  • WP/2008/0179, access to the new turning head at the top of Hope Street

No response to date


  • Proposed changes to planning committees and delegated powers at NNC

It is proposed that the number of planning committees are reduced from 5 to 2 and that there will be a significant reduction in the number of applications that go before a planning committee.


The change that would most affect the Parish Council is that we would be unable to require that an application is decided by the planning committee if the officer does not agree with our response.


It is recommended that we send a strong objection to the changes.