Appendix A Planning Report – February 2023

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  • Granted Applications
Reference No.ForDate granted
NW/22/0085823 London Road, single storey rear extension19/1
NW/22/0086210 Fullwell Road, Demolish garage and build 2-storey extension2/5


NW/22/008646 Pear Tree Close, single storey rear extension1/2



  • Refused/Withdrawn Applications
Reference No.ForDate refused


  • Pending Applications
Reference No.For


NW/22/00321Nene Milling, 40 homes and village hallComments sent


  • New Applications
Reference No.For


NW/23/00051IWC redevelopment of outbuildings/WCComments by 20/2
NW/23/000551A St Marys Road additional parkingComments by 25/2
NW/23/00056Manor Farm, installation of EV pointComments by 23/2
NW/23/0008530 Dychurch Lane, solar panels & air source heat pumpNot yet notified


  • NW/23/00051, IWC – redevelopment of outbuildings/WC


A proposal to redevelop the outbuildings and change the rear access.



  • NW/23/00055, 1A St Marys Road – additional parking


A proposal to create two additional off-road parking spaces.


  • NW/23/00056/LBC, Manor Farm 7 Dychurch – installation


A proposal to install an EV charging point on the front of the farmhouse.



  • NW/23/00085/LBC, 30 Dychurch Lane two solar panels and an air source heat pump


A proposal to ad solar panels on the roof of the piggery and an air source heat pump.


  • WP/2008/0179, access to the new turning head at the top of Hope Street


A resident has complained that the turning head at the top of Hope Street is marked as a private road when the expectation was that it would be available to all users.  The plans bear this out.



Email sent:

The Parish Council have been alerted to the fact that there is a road sign at the new turning head at the top of Hope Street which states that this is private.  The Parish Council believes that this does not comply with either the intent or the letter of the planning permission.


At the time that permission was granted, the Parish Council expressed concerns about the safety of additional vehicles using the restricted visibility junction of Hope Street with London Road.  We recommended that safer access to the site would be through Fulwell Road, but also recommended that if access was to be via Hope Street, then the turning head should be available to all traffic since there was no means of turning on this narrow road.  Permission was given and at the meeting and the safety concern about additional vehicles using the restricted vision access to Hope Street was to be mitigated against by the provision of a turning head accesible to all thereby reducing the number of vehicles that would reverse out onto London Road.


Whilst the Decision Notice did not include a specific condition enforcing this, drawing 100-06 was submitted in relation to satisfying condition 5 and this drawing clearly includes the note “ACCESS FOR EXISTING ADOPTED ROAD”.  If the turning head was intended to be private the note would either not be present or would read “ACCESS TO EXISTING ADOPTED ROAD”.


Could you please look into this matter?