Appendix A Planning Report – April 2024

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  • Granted Applications
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NW/24/00073 Single storey extension, 26 Hope St 26/3


  • Refused/Withdrawn Applications
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  • New Applications
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NW/24/00155 61 Fullwell Road, 2 storey side extension Comments sent
NW/24/00160 Dungee Corner, rural building conversion Comments by 25/4


  • NW/24/00155 – 61 Fullwell Road, 2 storey side extension

This application is for the demolition of the existing garage and the erection of a 2 storey side extension.


Comments sent:

There are two potential issues; the impact of loss of light for the neighbouring property and the proposed design is inconsistent with the other properties on Fullwell Road that have had similar extensions.  The property has ample off-street parking and so our common concern over parking is not an issue.


The drawing shows detail relating to loss of light at a neighbouring window and officers should confirm that there will not be unacceptable.


We note that there was a previously granted permission NW/21/00510.  In that permission the proposed changes to the roof structure were consistent with the extensions to similar properties on Fullwell Road (shown in the picture below).  We would prefer that the design was consistent with the other properties on the road.  This design is anyway more robust because it is not prone to the leaks which can be a problem for properties with an internal gulley.



  • W/24/00160 – Rural building conversion, Dungee Corner

This proposes the conversion of barns and pig pens at Dungee Corner into a 2 bedroom bungalow on the same footprint.




  • NW/24/00114/CND – Nene Milling site, discharge of conditions


The developers of the Nene Milling site have submitted documentation for the discharge of conditions which includes 7.3kW domestic charging points at the Village Hall.


Comments sent:

We are concerned that the proposed EV charging points for the Village Hall are the same as the domestic charging points (see attached).  Our concerns are that these charging points will not be workable unless the Parish Council offers free charging, which we do not wish to do.


The Parish Council wish the Village Hall charging points to provide chargeable public EV charging points that can be used by village residents and possibly by EV drivers topping up while travelling on the A509.  To that end we have been researching third party public EV charging station providers and requested that the cabling infrastructure should be the maximum practical capacity in order to provide fast charging.  We have also requested details of any costs to uplift this beyond any Section 106 commitment.


As things stand we are concerned that the domestic units will be impractical if not unusable.


  • Greenhill solar farm

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