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Insurance Report – January 2022


The Parish Council changed insurance providers to Zurich Municipal in 2013 and, in June 2021 entered into a further 3-year agreement.  The renewal date is 1st June 2024. During 2021, the council added the commemorative plaque installed on Town Well.


The total premium paid for the current year was £917.08.


Zurich Municipal has recommended that any buildings covered by the policy are valued to ensure that the cover provided is sufficient.

I recommend the following amendments to the existing policy: –

  • Add 1 additional name bar to the Chairman’s badge of office.
  • Amend the cover for the printer/photocopier as the council purchased equipment during 2021. The value of the equipment purchased is no more than £200 and the equipment that was rented was insured for over £2400.
  • Arranges for the cemetery lodge to be valued.