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Planning and Development Control


The Parish Council is a consultee for all planning applications within the Parish and for any large applications that may have an impact on the Parish.  We do not rule on planning applications, but our comments are taken into account when planning applications are decided.  The final decision to approve or refuse an application is made either by the Borough Council’s Development Control Committee or delegated to one of their Planning Officers if the application is not thought to be contentious.

We receive copies of all planning applications within the Parish and these are reviewed by the members of the Planning Group. Prepared comments are sent to the Planning Department at the Borough Council of Wellingborough.

We try to represent the interests of the Parish and its parishioners when commenting on an application.  If you wish to have your views taken into account when we prepare our comments you should contact the Planning Group and, where necessary, we would consider the comments from all parties as well as taking the Parish view.


If you are considering applying for planning permission, you might save time and money if you first consult your neighbours, and consider the common questions the Wellingborough Borough Council web site and possibly, the Parish Council, before plans are drawn up.  If you know your neighbour’s particular concerns, you may be able to produce a design that avoids any conflict.

If you wish to apply for planning permission or comment on a planning application, you can do so via the Wellingborough Planning Portal. Further information and more detailed advice on the built environment is available on the Wellingborough Borough Council planning pages.

Direct contact can be made with the Borough Council of Wellingborough via the Customer Services help line on 01933 229777.

Previous Planning Applications

Previous applications can also be viewed on the Wellingborough Planning Portal.  This has a search facility to help you find the application that you are looking for …