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The Parish Council holds a meeting once a month, usually on the third Monday.  However, the December and January meetings can be subject to change.  In January there is an additional Finance meeting during which the Council determines the budget for the following financial year and sets the precept.

All meetings, unless otherwise arranged, are held in the Independent Wesleyan Chapel in Dychurch Lane NN29 7JW.  The start of each meeting will be 7:00 pm prompt.

The next few meetings scheduled are as the calendar found linked on this page

Meetings will normally proceed as follows:

Public Participation

The first 15 minutes of the meeting is set aside for members of the public to raise issues with the Council.  The Council is there to represent the community and so we welcome your contribution.

Public Business

This is the main part of the meeting when the Council works through the agenda discussing each item on the agenda and deciding what, if any, actions should be taken.

Confidential Business

Confidential business is not a routine agenda item, but on occasions, matters arise that are of a sensitive nature and cannot be discussed in public.  We follow clear guidelines relating to these items, and the press and public are excluded from the meeting.  Any decisions taken are then made public.

Minutes and Calendar of Meetings

2004 to date - The minutes for each full year from 2004 are now available for download together with the minutes to date [subject to meetings] for the current year.