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V136 Updated - 23 December 19

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Highways and Lighting


The Highways Working Group liaise with the Northamptonshire County Council to report any problems with the roads and pavements within the village and to further monitor the progress of the repairs.  The main problem at present seems to be potholes, but the group will handle all issues associated with the infrastructure in the village.


The majority of the street lights in Bozeat are now owned and maintained by Northamptonshire County Council although the Parish Council retain responsibility for lights that are not on the public highway.  These lights are in Bull Close, Pear Tree Close and on footpaths and walkways.

The Lighting Project

The street lights in Bozeat have been upgraded, to meet new EC regulations with all the light units in the village conforming to the same specification.  The new head units are more energy efficient and will reduce light scatter and pollution and the longer term maintenance.

The Parish Council have handed over responsibility for most of the lights in the village to Northamptonshire County Council.

The County Council have switched off many of the street lights in Bozeat although this policy is subject to change.