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For Crown and Country

The book “For Crown and Country” was produced by a dedicated working group of the Bozeat Parish Council and it was launched in January 2010.

Copies available from Lyndis Payne, the Parish Clerk, or Jennifer Spencer.  Contact details are available on the contact page.

The file shown below “Table of War Fallen.pdf” gives the lists of those brave men who fell, both in the Great War (1914 - 1918), and in the World War II (1939 -1945), giving the dates when they fell and the locations with the memorials where they are remembered.

We were delighted with the interest shown in the second book …

“For Crown & Country.. coming home” but have sold all our copies.

Table of War Fallen.pdf

Table of War Fallen 1914 - 1918 and 1939 - 1945

For Crown and Country - Coming Home