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Guidelines and Fees

There is, as a part of the Parish Council Policy document, a section relating to Cemetery Guidelines.  It explains normal use of the cemetery, gives full details of the regulations applied.  

It outlines the current fees for grave spaces, and covers topics such as obtaining permission to place memorials on graves and guidelines on acceptable forms of inscriptions.

If you have any particular concerns or wish to have discussions in privacy, please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council.

An additional brochure has been produced which should answer many “frequently asked questions” and is available here for download.



The Council owns and is responsible for the management of the cemetery on Easton Lane.  The cemetery has provision for burials, the interment of ashes and green burials. There is a working group of Parish Councillors who are responsible for the cemetery and the current members are shown on the Working Groups & Representatives page.  We also employ a Burial Registrar to administer burials and interment.

Green  burials are only available to Bozeat residents.  However a person who has left the village for permanent residential care, is still considered to be a Bozeat resident.