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Conservation, Environment & Rights of Way

The Local Environment Group helps to monitor the condition of the footpaths in the parish, investigates any concerns about environmental matters which affect the village and liaises with the group developing the conservation area created to the rear of St Mary’s Church.


The Parish Council is responsible for appointing the Parish Path Warden(s) by making a formal recommendation to Northamptonshire County Council. The parish currently has two Parish Path Wardens, their details obtained from our Parish Clerk.

The Parish Path wardens liaise with the County Council’s Rights of Way Officer reporting any problems and monitoring their resolution.  They also inspect all the rights of way in their parish at least once a year.

Please report any problems with footpaths (such as a broken stile, missing way markers or an obstructed path) to the Parish Path Wardens.  Please give us as much detail as possible and even a quick photograph.

An interactive map showing approximate locations of the footpaths in and around Bozeat, can be found on this, the Northamptonshire County Council web site.

The Environment

The Local Environment Group helps to monitor and investigate any concerns about environmental matters in the parish which may affect the village.  We will liaise with the necessary authority in these matters.

Disposal of waste and fly tipping information can be accessed via the Wellingborough WebSite as your rubbish is your responsibility.

Historic Street Names

The Parish Council has an ongoing programme of installing new street signs to preserve historic road names in the village. The signs that have been installed to date are:

The Parish Council will make suggestions for the names of new roads in the village and often proposes names that have historic associations.  Developers may not always be aware of the links to the past and do not always use our suggestions.  Pit Field Close, for example, relates to the original field name in which the houses were then built.