Coronavirus crisis – a statement from our Chairman, Mr Brian Gibbins

We are in desperately worrying times - the current Coronavirus crisis is, for many of us, the most frightening event we have experienced in our lifetime.  

We would urge everyone to follow carefully the advice being provided by our Government.  This advice is changing almost daily, as the crisis deepens and more measures are being taken to try and delay the onslaught of the illness.  Please check the news on TV at regular intervals for the most accurate information, please don’t rely on social media posts as false information is being circulated.

We are aware that a number of our residents already routinely visit the elderly or vulnerable, and collect prescriptions and shopping for them.  If you are one of these village heroes – thank you for all you do.

Now schools have closed and many children are at home, and we are being encouraged to not go out unless absolutely necessary, we would like to share resources.  If anyone has any quizzes, links to educational resources, etc that they would be happy to share, please email them or a link to

Bozeat Parish Council has its own website and we will dedicate a page to providing information and resources during the current crisis, but please refer firstly to the most current Government guidelines described above.

If you, or anyone you know, needs help at this time, please do contact our Clerk either by email or by telephone - 01933 664760 - and we will do our very best to organise help.

Lastly, please keep yourself safe, follow the official advice, and keep well.

Brian Gibbins

Chairman, Bozeat Parish Council.

Bozeat Parish Council