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V175 Updated - 28/08/2022

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Accounts, Balance Sheet, and Asset Register

The Parish Council has approve and formally adopted the Annual Accounts for each year ending March 31st.  Copies of the reports are available in PDF format or hard copy by first contacting the Clerk.

Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2021/22

The Parish Council has submitted the documents required for the audit of Bozeat Parish Council’s accounts for the financial year 2021-2022, to the external auditor, to comply with he relevant statute and Regulations regarding accounts and audit.

The public can exercise their rights of inspection as laid out in the documents listed for each year of returns.

Available to view are:

  • AGAR Documents 2022 [22/08/22]

Conclusion of audit and Signed AGAR.pdf

  • Exercise of public rights notice 2021-2022

Exercise of public rights notice 2021-2022.pdf